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Different Sites, Different Moods

February 9, 2015
By Angela Evans BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Angela Evans BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Whenever I’m sick, I get on my laptop and start browsing through different sites. If I feel like exploring and learning about different places, I go on StumbleUpon: a website that takes you to different websites that usually teach you something. If I feel like shopping or getting ideas of what to buy, I go on Wanelo: a website that gives you different, random objects to buy. If I want to see what’s new with my family and friends, I go on Facebook. If I feel like retweeting relatable quotes, I go on Twitter. Do you ever think about how different sites, define different moods? Many people would say that browsing on different websites is just because you’re bored, but isn’t boredom a mood? Think about how you feel while you’re on a different website. Maybe you’re adventurous, open-minded, or entertained.

When one may feel sort of down about something, they may go on a website like Twitter and start reading through relatable quotes. Your Spotify or Pandora is playing in the background and you’re dozing off into the media world. One website in particular that stands out when I’m sad is Dear Photograph: a website that takes a photograph and lays it on a photograph of the same place, and describes it with a story. It’s almost a website that shows the past and gives you a summary of its significance. It’s sad because it had a bunch of old memories of friends or family who have passed or sad flashbacks. There’s also a website called Six Billion Secrets where many people are ranting about their depression, suicidal experiences, or tragedies that they are going through. Being on websites that express relatable thoughts or quotes, help your sad mood settle out.

When one may feel open-minded or curious, they may go on a website like StumbleUpon. This website, is a website that takes you to several others. The other websites consist of pictures of the 7 wonders in the world, new techniques, or anything else you could think of like dating advice or what to cook for dinner. You learn and see a lot based off the click of your mouse. Based on the scroll of your mouse, you may see several new ways or techniques to do things on the website, Pinterest. Pinterest can range from how to tie your shoe in a cool way to how to make a homemade face mask. There’s so much you can learn from a simple scroll.

When one is angry, they may be texting a good friend, ranting about what’s going on. If you think about it, social media kicks in and makes it worse. You go on Instagram and see a picture of the girl you dislike with the boy you like. Or maybe just a picture of the girl you don’t like and that makes you angry; their teeth whitened with apps like FaceTune that can completely change you from looking larger with yellow teeth, to a twig with bright white teeth. You go on Snapchat and see a picture that was posted of you while you were stuffing your mouth with Lays potato chips. Or you go onto Yik Yak and see all of these posts that clearly about you. When you’re upset with somebody, you may stalk their Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to see what they have been up to and make sure they’re not talking to that one boy or girl you don’t like. It’s almost like social media is there to make you feel angrier.

Media is not just there to make you feel angrier, but it’s also there for every other emotion you can think of. There’s always that certain website or app that knows exactly how to help you cope with what you’re feeling. When I’m upset, I go onto Vine, because I know those six second videos will never fail to make me laugh. While you’re there texting and browsing away, think about your go to. What makes you laugh, smile, entertained, or cry? Find your different sites for your different moods.

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