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Dear Tumblr

August 13, 2014
By fadingintogray PLATINUM, West Columbia, South Carolina
fadingintogray PLATINUM, West Columbia, South Carolina
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Dear Tumblr,

We've been through this before. I'm sorry, but my mind is not going to change. I can't deal with you all day anymore, I have a life to go back to. I'll miss you. I couldn't have asked for a better friend, yet something is telling me I need to take a break from our relationship for awhile. It'll be hard, yes, but it's something that we've just got to do. Right?

You've been my second home for so long now, and I thank you for at, but now I have to bid you goodbye.

Until next week, tumblr.

I'm sorry...



... Tumblr, I know it seems like awhile, but the time will go by fast. It has to. This is all for the best. I know you could use a break from me, too, even you've given me my limits these past few months. I can hear you screaming for my username and password every time I open up the Internet, everywhere I see computers. This needs to stop. This isn't healthy. There are others out there that use you, why are you so focused on following me?

Sending me email updates, popping up on other websites, silently lurking as a
small "t" icon in my phone. I'm asking you to please stop that-- you aren't
helping me. You have countless dedicated followers, don't suck me in too.

I promised myself that we would be a once-a-day thing. What happened with us? When did the addiction start getting too intense? Tumblr, you were my first love. Maybe that's why this is so hard.

Maybe I should just give up on giving up on you. After all, time enjoyed isn't time wasted. I enjoy you very much, tumblr.

All right, you win this time. I already see you begging to be opened up on my phone. Be sure to surprise me with something good, okay?

I missed you.

Love forever and always,

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