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Uniforms have been in existence since the first time man has tried to create a type of discipline a in a group. Since the very beginning, uniforms have been used in order to create a uniformity in a group. To create a sense of longing, and for everyone of have a sense of identity. To create a sense of everyone being together. That is what uniforms are for. Uniforms are present in every part of our lives, from the military, to the public officials, to politicians, each in different forms. For soldiers, the beret and military fatigues. For public officials, the police uniform and the fire men hat. For politicians, Armani and Hugo boss tailored suits. These are the various uniforms that people have worn. They are truly everywhere. But the only place where uniforms seem to not be is inside schools. The question of uniforms in schools has been an age old question for a while. They have always questioned whether to have uniforms in schools or not. Whether to just allow a dress code or not. They have questioned putting uniforms in schools because they believe that uniforms may improve the overall situation in schools, from bullying, to discrimination, to social class, to even grades and discipline. Uniforms in school do improve the overall situation of the school. Uniforms have been forever present in the schooling systems of some countries, and the results already speak for themselves. Therefore uniforms should be in schools, in order to improve the overall situation. They increase productivity, reasoning, and grades in schools where uniforms are present. By making the students in school feel close, they make everyone stop thinking about such things and focus on being productive in school. That is what uniforms have always been about.
Uniforms are made to allow everyone a chance to be equal. From the lowest to the poorest, uniforms have been made to give everyone who wears it a sense of belonging and of togetherness. Some say it is this effect that improves the overall situation in schools. Studies have proven this. Numerous studies in numerous fields have proven that uniforms help: encourage discipline, help prevent gangs from forming, help students resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes, help identify intruders in school, diminish economic and social barriers, improve attendance, and increase a sense of belonging. These are all things that have been proven by numerous studies by various specialists in certain fields. A study done by the University of Reno showed that things changed considerably with the introduction of uniforms. When they surveyed students at Sparks and Pine middle school, they asked several questions, with the results quite shocking. Of the students that were asked if they still had a sense of identity when they wore the uniform, 54% said yes. Yes asked if their families liked that they wore uniforms, 53% said yes. When asked if they thought that uniforms save money on clothes, 50% said yes. When asked if they worried less about how others looked, 42% yes. These numbers show that on average, over half said positive things to say about the uniforms b3ing enforced. Also at sparks middle school, disciplinary and police records were studied. They showed that discipline referrals reduced by 10%, and that there was a 63% log reduction in police logs. These results showed, that in Sparks’s middle school, positive things correlated with the introduction and enforcement of uniforms. Uniforms do indeed improve school life. In other countries, we already see the school uniform already being a part of the culture of those places, such as in schools all across England, private high school institutions, and in every school in Japan. Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia. Philippines, South Korea, Thailand. All of these countries have already accepted uniforms as a common thing in their culture. The United States is very unique in the aspect that they don’t have uniforms in schools aside from in private schools and in certain public schools. Not nearly as wide spread as in other countries.
Some people have qualms with uniforms, a major one being that people believe them to be unstylish and uncool. That they lack pizazz, and they are lame. I disagree. You have the ability to do a lot with uniforms that you could not even dream of. Like putting ribbons and buttons on the blazer or on the shirt of your uniform, adding a colorful and flirtatious highlight to the uniform. You can also add cute accessories that can really make the uniform cute and amazing. Also, uniforms don’t have to be just the boring blazer. Many countries have very interesting uniforms, like sailor suits, or an interesting skirt-blouse combo that could actually look like street clothes. Some fashion trends are completely based around school uniforms. This is how far uniforms have penetrated society. To some people, uniforms are actually considered stylish. They can actually be better than street clothes as, since they are uniforms, they are like a matching set of clothing. They make you look sharp and cool. These are also uniforms. Uniforms can be cute and stylish just like any other piece of clothing. And with the power of the human mind, there is no telling what kinds of fashions can appear.
And so, uniforms should be used in the United States. Not only is it a proven fact that they improve school discipline, grades, and improve tolerance, they also can be cute and stylish. Uniforms truly must be used in order to help and improve the overall situation in schools. From discipline being improved, to grades and social relationships, uniforms have proven that they are useful and are a needed part of the school system.

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