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The community of teenagers today is very divided in different subcultures. These subcultures are like gangs who shares different interests. There are many subcultures in the Swedish community of teenagers, such as the EMOs and hiphoppers. There are, of course, criminal subcultures such as the mafia and some MC gangs, but these two are for grownups.

Which are the subcultures?

There are many different classifications and there are some classifications that exist in Sweden but not in England but one of the classifications in Sweden are EMO and hiphopers.

-EMO is a music-genre called emotional hardcore (shortened EMO). The term EMO has been used for many related rock genres but the latest is the hardcore punk-genre in Washington D.C. The EMO-style is also a fashion style called fashion hardcore.

Nowadays younger people mistake EMO for being depressed people but most of the time they`re not.

-Hiphoper is a person who lives with one or more of the four elements of hiphop (DJ`ing, dancing, gaffing and rapping, also called MC`ing). Hiphop started with some gangs having rap battles instead of murdering. Then there were some guys who loved to dance and they started to make cool moves to the rap battles and soon there was some who had dance battles called B-Boy-battles.

What`s the pros and cons with subcultures?

There are some pros with the subcultures; the teenagers can hang with others who share the same interests. Another pro is that if the teen doesn’t have any parents or have it bad back home they can get friends with the same interests. This can also be a con because if their new friends are criminal they can get bad influenses. There are also some cons with the subcultures. One of the greatest problems is that if you`re classified in one of the subcultures it’s hard to make friends in one of the other classifications. Thereby the teenagers never get any new friends outside the subculture and he/she will have a hard time to change friends. Another con is that the teenagers can get in fights with other subcultures because they have different thoughts of how you should live or just different music styles.

Anya S writes in article on teenink.com:

“...Another factor to consider is skaters and goths. They don´t get treated as badly as emos and yet the styles are very similar. It’s just the fact of what emo kids wear and what they do that frightens adults..."


http://www.teenink.com/opinion/all/article/48094/The-Emo (2013-03-17)

http://www.ne.se/lang/emo (2013-03-17)

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