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Style, Confidence, and Shoes

June 20, 2013
By Jade2699 BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Jade2699 BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
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Typical Girls
“O,M,G!!!! I have no idea what to wear today!” says almost every girl in the world, everyday, of every year! Did you know that on average, almost every girl/woman spends about one entire year of their life just deciding on what to wear? More or less, give or take… but yes, one entire year just bickering to your self about what looks good.

Getting to the point
Most of the time, all of those internal fights aren’t for you, if every one were blind to what I wore I would be rocking my PJ’s everyday! So just think about it, all of us do it. We all dress to impress. However who are we trying to impress? That’s right, everyone else. I am not saying that’s a bad thing, but it is not a good thing either. Of course we want to look good for others but for the girls out there who only do it for other people, please, please, give making yourself happy a try! Fashion should be dictated by your own personal preferences. It’s your own personal way of expressing yourself. Be creative with it- it is an opportunity to show the world who you are. It’s the first thing that people see when they meet you. Obviously everyone knows that the most important thing about a person is what’s on the inside, but there’s nothing wrong with making the outside sparkle as well! Make your own special style for yourself, own it, love it and no one can take that away from you.

“Not all girls dress nicely to impress others, they do it for themselves, for confidence.”

Confidence… gotta have it!! Life without confidence in who you are, what you wear and the way you look is a life without respect. You want to wear a style and make it as unique as you, you have to own it, have confidence it or else it won’t work. You can’t just be confident in your style, as I said before, you have to be confident in who you are and that’s what makes it work! Walk with pep in your step and a fierce unbreakable look in your eye and you’ll be parting the ocean of your fellow people every time you walk through the hallways of school or down the street.

“Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.”
~Azgreybebly Josland

Fashion and style are two different things
Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. You see a new trending outfit in the window of a store and you really like it and just must have it so you buy it. Now, there are those of you who, when you get home it goes a little bit like this when looking at your new outfit: “Well, this is cute but I think I like this here.” Or “This belt looks good there but, oooh! It would look so nice here!” and with that you made it your own. The outfit in the window was fashion and the scenario after buying the outfit is style. It is as simple as that. Fashion being something popular already made and designed by someone else put in a store just to be gone in less than a week. Style is what you change that outfit into in order to make it you.

“Don’t wear something just because it is in fashion. Wear it because it suits you.”
~Ritu Ghatourey

Fashion is always changing. It never stops and never will. People are always coming up with new ideas and designs. So with new things constantly coming out the “old” fashions go out the window. Now some people. You or anyone else could feel the need to keep up with the ever changing fashions. Though you don’t have to I mean as long as you are now wearing the dresses worn by pilgrims you’re ok. You don’t have to be like everybody else. In fact it is better to stand out. You’ll be respected by more people if they see how brave you are to be just you, and not a people pleaser. Think about it this way it doesn’t matter how society’s trends change all the time, if a style suits you and makes you happy, run with it, eventually you will catch up to everything else. But for now, your style is always the current fashion.

Style is just another way to show off who you are. Just as pictures can speak 1000 words so can your fashion. If you are more of a shy held back person, well, time to come out! One great way to help you to do that is letting your style speak for you until you can do it on your own. Then, you’re the words and your style is just the highlighter. Style is just molding fashion into a look specifically you, for only you.
Keeping up with fashion without changing your style
Believe me when I say this is easier than you would think. First of all you don’t even need to do this if you don’t want to. What suits you is always the current fashion. Though if you would like to try this, all you have to do is find clothes that are more up to date. For example clothes that have a more modern design and shape to them. All of them in colors and designs that suit you, Then take it home and make it your own by switching it up a bit or mix it with some of the clothes you already had to make something completely original.

Spring and Shoes
All that I have said can apply to each season. However I did want to focus on the best attire for spring. Especially shoes! There are many different styles of shoes. Shoes are always changing for seasons. Flats, wedges, high heels, and stilettos, all ever-changing.

Flats and Sandals
There are so many great types of shoes out there but the best for spring would be sandals and flats. No, I am not talking about typical boring sandals and not flip flop’s either. Those are for regular relaxing days. On days with special plans though the best thing you could do is to wear flats or sandals. Flats should make your outfit pop with color as in possibly being the brightest part of your ensemble (only if you want your shoes to pop). If it is going to be a humid or hot spring day try to avoid cloth flats that could make walking around uncomfortable. Try for flats made of a cooler smoother material. If you are going fancy with sandals a laid back color but with and intricate design that could look great with a similar pattern on your clothes.

High Heels
High heels can really make a spring outfit look great but there are some things to watch out for. Again make sure to check the weather to check if it is going to be hot. I would not recommend wearing them in warm weather because depending on the shape, you could end up very uncomfortable by the end of the night. Also being a teenager it is best not to wear heels that are too high if you are going to be walking for a long period of time. Especially if you are still growing it could cause damage in the legs.

Wedges are great for spring they can really give off a spring feel if you pick the right ones. They will give you that extra boost of height and there is just something about heels in any form that can give a girl a great boost of confidence. You’ll carry yourself with a posture just oozing confidence. Very attractive. In fact many people say that confidence is the most attractive thing a woman can wear. I must say I completely agree.

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