"You're Such a Hipster": Why People Should Only Use Labels for Cans of Food

The word hipster has become kind of a derogatory term used to describe a group of people that everyone supposedly hates. But if “everyone” hates these people, how can we tell who the “real hipsters” are?
We all know there are social groups people have to place each other in, labels to organize and sometimes sort the good from the bad. These are blatant stereotypes such as goth, punk, prep, stoner etc. Because I go to a small private school where everyone is afraid to not be an overachieving golden child, I have never seen a student who fits any of those categories. Mostly everyone is nice to everyone, and those who aren’t are civil and polite. For all I know, real high school could be like the movie “Mean Girls”. But I doubt it. From what I’ve observed of modern society, people are getting harder to place into boxes.
I’ll admit that I am called a hipster at least twice a day. My friends enjoy making fun of me when I don’t know who Taio Cruz is, or when I send them links to songs by Said the Whale. I saw an article the other day titled “Are You a Hipster?” I fit most of the descriptions. I do listen to Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, and Neutral Milk Hotel. However, I also listen to My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Veil, and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows. Does that make me emo? Nope, because an emo couldn’t possibly listen to as much Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Joel, and R.E.M. as I do. My point is, you are limiting yourself by giving yourself a name or letting other people give you one.
As for being called a hipster, even the meaning of the word is unclear these days. I found a very good definition on Urban Dictionary. Go look it up. Now. Go look up “hipster” and read the first thing you see. Done? Now look under it. Someone else says “Definitions are too mainstream.” There are obviously ignorant people in this world, and many of them use a fantastic new invention called “the Internet”.
The most common complaint against hipsters is the idea that they think they’re better than everyone else because of the music they listen to, expensive clothes they wear, or archaic topics they discuss. That’s why I think it’s funny when other people call me a hipster because I am the first person to compare myself to other people and find my own shortcomings. Listen to the song “Admit It!!!” by Say Anything. It highlights some of the main arguments against hipsters and also makes me laugh. In my opinion, there are two categories of hipsterdom: The “prototypical non-conformists” mentioned in the song, described as hypocritical, condescending assholes, and normal people who prefer good music over Nicki Minaj and reading a book over watching T.V.. I would place myself in the second category if I believed in labels.
Another fault of hipsters’ is they tend to avoid mainstream aspects of society. When a new trend, artist, or fandom is created, I do not always run the other way and immerse myself in bands with less than twenty fans. It is ridiculous to not like something just because everyone else does. It is equally ridiculous to like something just because everyone else does. This is 2013, America. Decide for yourself.
In modern society terms, I am a nerd, metalhead, emo, goth, and hipster. In reality, I’m a mix of different aspects of all these groups and a bit that other people can’t think of a name for. My friends and I are proud to dress and act differently than the other prep school students, but we are not outcasts. We do not aggressively seek isolation or rebel against teachers. In fact, most of us are in honors classes and have above-average grades. I have lots of “normal” friends who I enjoy talking to, but are a little boring. The truth is, people who strive to be different are usually a lot more exciting than girls with long straight natural colored hair wearing skinny jeans and Uggs.

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blueray47 said...
May 4, 2013 at 11:41 pm
Um. How is being a hipster derogatory? From where I am hipster has a good connotation... like you should just be yourself... it shouldn't matter if other people label you... if you don't like those labels toss them away and don't keep complaining about them, OR embrace them. Poke some fun at yourself. Besides, shouldn't you like your label at least a little because it somewhat describes who you are? There's very FEW people in the world who actually think they're "nor... (more »)
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