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Is social media really “all that”? With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, all these options, is it really all that good? To me, Twitter is dumb and Instagram is the photo section on Facebook. I really hate when people take self-es and then people say- “oh, put that on Instagram” or “tweet it” or even “dude, FACEBOOK IT!” There is only one good thing about Twitter, and that’s during natural disasters so you can get information. In life, when you were thinking about what you have done, would you regret having all the technology and spending all of your time on it?

I think that people who are addicted to social media are really, well, different because that’s all they do. I mean, with all the phones that have internet connections, that’s what they’re designed to do. They see not hear their friends have to say when they read it off their phones. When people post these status updates, or photos of “that awkward when you didn’t notice that the voice in your head read moment when it wasn’t there. You can be more socially aware when you don’t have to focus on each and every word that is on a tweet, comment, or status.

When you have these objects such as the iphone, ipad, kindles, ipods and more in the way, or in the back of your mind, isn’t it difficult to focus on your school work? When I first got my Twitter, that’s what I would think about. “ Oh, how many followers did I gain, or should I tweet that? Is it Worthy?” Not ”Hmmm…. Do you think my teacher will notice if I don’t do the work for the 17th problem?” Or maybe even more things about trying to get in the way with homework.When I was settled in with Twitter, I would still be on it 24/7, and I would think, “Should I check Twitter?”

I got my Facebook when I was in 5th grade. Now I see my friends’ younger siblings who are in second or third grade getting iPhones, laptops, and other electronic? things. When I was in second and third grade I shared a Game Cube with my seventh-grade sister. Now young kids are walking around with their Blackberries, Apple products, and all that good stuff I don’t even have yet, and I’m in eighth grade. When I see these kids walk around in stores, sporting places, restaurants and I think, what is going to happen when they get their licenses? Or what's going to happen when they are on their own when they go off to college, or their parents die. What are they going to do when to time hits them?

When I see these people saying "dude i just got the iphone5" and I think, why? When you have a thing called the outside, why wouldn't you use it? Is this what this generation of kids is going to become? I know its fun and glamorous, because I am a kid too, but I would rather go outside or play my guitar than to just go on my iphone's and ipod's and ipads and all those objects. Would you regret spending all of your time on the technology as a kid?

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