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Food For Thought.

June 21, 2012
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Food For Thought. The Anarchist Diaries Part 1.
by Brandon on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 8:46pm ·

What does life mean to us? All too often we are faced with such adversities and complications in life that we sometimes forget what value really means to us. As a general misconception it's common to mistake that value should be the materialistic desires and manifestations of our dreams that we place such high regard towards. Rather it could stand entirely to represent something of a more intrinsic, precious quality to ourselves. How often do we believe that life is something we can throw away on a whim? Time is far too precious to waste on the illusions we are bombarded with on an almost constant daily basis. Rather we should focus on motivation, drive, and what we must accomplish to succeed in life, no matter what we wish to become successful at or with. Rarely does our current generation employ the skills required to combat a difficult life in the essence of our modern day time. Critical thinking, rational judgement, and a firm but stable balance between the passion in our hearts and the reason in our minds. As history and circumstance will reveal, the human race in it's entirety has expanded into a technologically advanced and complex entity bent on self sustaining protocols and existence alongside a more violent outlook bonded with an overzealous, hypocrisy embracing, bandwagon aligning and deceiving media that feeds us the lies our society so readily absorbs and accepts based off gullibility and the woes of human ignorance.

Instead of the rationale our human minds so consistently desire we are more satisfied as a norm with accepting and embracing what is closed minded or seems to protect us under the confines of a law that is more quickly ready to bend to the individual or group being of power and wealth than into the hands of justice itself. Society does not seek freedom as the United States would have us initially believe. We seek comfort on a high level and the overall safety the confines of the law would provide. When you exist opposite of this norm, believe in ideas that exist in a parallel concept and are mirror to the common norm, but are clearly a much darker reaction to the few individuals who look elsewhere you suddenly cast our situation in a far darker, yet more subtle light.

By evolving as individuals, our rationale, our independence and search for true freedom, it is only a matter of time before revolution is apparent on a grander scale, far beyond the likes of anything we have ever seen previously. Albert Einstein was quoted once as saying "Any intelligent fool can take something and make it more complex, more violent, but it takes a stroke of genius, and a touch of courage to move something in the opposite direction" So let us believe, that we can make peace with desire and reason, technology and nature, law and outlaw, And find common ground amongst ourselves

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How I perceive many of my country's issues today

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