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Cell Phones

January 28, 2011
By ossiecastro5 PLATINUM, A Single Light In, New Jersey
ossiecastro5 PLATINUM, A Single Light In, New Jersey
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Yes, most people these days have cell phones. All of these people at times act as if they cannot survive without cell phones. Originally, phones were made for long-range communication. It was used to speak to people quickly and easy. As the years go by, the cell phone has evolved. New cell phone are made to do many new functions. From having touch screens to accessing the Internet, the cell phone has changed a lot. As the cell phone changed, they way people use them changed as well. Students get into trouble with their teachers just for using their cell phone in class. People text so much that people walking and texting often bump into things. People that use the cell phone while driving gets into accidents; they are so occupied with their cell phones and they can't pay attention. The price for these cell phones are also unnecessary; all of these fancy contracts are pointless. Overall, what is the point of cell phones? In my point of view, they are misused and pointless at times.

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People constantly using their cell phones inspired this.

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on May. 24 2011 at 8:53 pm
Missirules BRONZE, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
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Yes but my parents won't even pick up the phone unless it's a number that they know and my school comes up as a blocked number and they don't know my friends numbers so a lot of the times I am stuck walking home from last minute after-school activities because I don't have a way to contact my parents.

on Feb. 1 2011 at 2:08 pm
xxbloodyroses66 SILVER, Huntsville, Texas
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i dont even OWN a cellphone for exactly that reason. it's pointless to really have one at our age. when it is absolutly necessary i borrow my parents cell.