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The New Generation

January 16, 2011
By Supergirl101 BRONZE, Portsmouth, Virginia
Supergirl101 BRONZE, Portsmouth, Virginia
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"When people who don't know you hate you, that's when you're at your best."

I take pride in saying that I was born into this generation. Sure we don't do everything right and we make mistakes but what generation doesn't? People, mainly older people, go on and on about how this generation is lazy, have no culture,and don't have any manners. I disagree with a that as a young person. First off we aren't lazy. We were born into the technological era, so we're accustomed to it all and use it to our advantage. It's true though that we don't have to work half as hard as previous generations though. As far as culture we have some. Not the same as theirs but there is some there. In this generation it's about being unique. So sometimes we ignore things or add things. So yeah we make our own culture. We have manners it's just that unlike the previous generation we make others earn respect than just giving it. In this generation we challenge authority which is what some aren't used to. Think about it, is this generation really as bad as everyone thinks it is? Because in the long run we will be this same generation that runs this country and this world.

The author's comments:
I always hear what others think about this generation so I wanted to be someone from this generation to tell others what I think.

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