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To Much Technology

January 11, 2010
By hchs1259 SILVER, Houston, Texas
hchs1259 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Imagine how long it would take you to send out over 36,000 text messages in only one month’s time. Now imagine how many social actives, school actives, and family times you would miss you on if you sent this out this many text messages. As ridiculous as this may sound, this is exactly what one girl from California did. From computer Internet and cell phone usage to iPods and gaming systems, both modern day adults and children are becoming addicted to technology at an alarming rate. Modern day technology is harmful because computers do not teach social values or allow you family time; people who spend too much time on their computers, or cell phones, or IPods tend to spend less time with family and friends, less times at parties, and less time exercising; however, some argue that good can come from technology such as allowing introverted people the opportunities to have more social actives through social networking sites.
New technologies, such as computers, do not teach social values. More and more computers are taking the place of teachers in the classroom. Modern day students watch PowerPoint presentations and YouTube videos instead of listening to their teachers lecture. This does not allow for students to ask questions, or participate in classroom discussions. While this new practice can be harmful to high school students, it can have devastating consequences for a younger pre-school or kindergarten student. Computers in the classroom actually work against the learning of what are called “social values”, including an understanding of democratic process. Computers cannot teach young children to follow certain rules, like raising your hand when they wish to speak, not chewing gum, or leaving the classroom until the bell rings. These are all values that take many years of teaching before students have internalized them (source A Postman).
Internet usage can lead to loneliness and misery. Imagine the people, who spend all their time on the Internet, this would not leave them any time to spend with their families or friends. They would never have time to get out of their homes to meet new friends or neighbors, not allow them time to exercise (which releases endorphins that make you feel happy), or allow them the ability to experience life. In a study by the American Psychological Association, it has been reported that the more people use the Internet, the less they kept up with friends, the less time they spent talking with their family’s, the more daily stress they experience, and the more feelings loneliness and depression they felt (source B Affonso).
IPod usages limit conversations and interactions with others. Modern people are taking their IPods with them everywhere they go. They are listening to there own music, lost in their own world, interacting with no one. IPods usage is leading to a society of isolated beings, interactions between people is diminishing, and people are no longer enjoying the sights and sounds of the nature surrounding them. This aloofness to new music styles and experiences in general may have detrimental effects (source E Song)
Some people say that the Internet actually provides more social opportunities through social networking sites. In an excerpt from an Internet usage experiment published by UCLA, it is stated “The Internet can make it easier to keep in touch with friends.” It is also stated “The Internet is a common space to encounter new friends.” Unbelievably enough, this article further states “The Internet can even provide opportunities by freeing those who are too depressed to conduct social life in the real world” (source C Coget). Wow, did this excerpt really just say that the Internet helps depress people have a social life? If people are depressed, or if people feel the need to interact with there friends or make new friends, what better way thing can they do than simply get out in the real world and experience life. What happened to the “Good Ole Days” when people actually left there homes and knocked on their neighbor’s doors when they wanted to talk? When did dressing up and brushing your hair become so passé? This is nothing but and appeal to ignorance by the people conducting the experience.
Some people say that IPod usage actually brings people together. In an article explaining the risks and popularity of IPods, a passage details reported reasons for purchasing an IPod. This article tells of how people attend IPod parties and have the opportunity to play DJ for a short while. It tells how these IPod parties are bringing people together. “Anyone and everyone shoes up at playlist events: cross dressing Goths, the occasion pregnant lesbian and, of course the average Londoners’ just looking to kick back after a day at the office” (source D Harris). This is clearly and example of Tokenism. The author is this is clearly an example of Tokenism. The author is assuming that everybody who has an iPod will want to go to a Playlist event or party. While I agree that a few individuals may enjoy a night out on the town like this, far more people are listening to their iPods in isolation.

Although some people argue that technology can be good for introverted people by allowing them opportunities to have more social activities, a more accurate assessment of modern day technology would be that it is harmful to society, causing people to spend less time with family and friends, at parties, at sporting events, and less time pursuing an active lifestyle. Americans need to understand that while technology is useful and necessary, there are also many negative drawbacks. The modern day Internet provides users with instant information from around the globe. We are able to learn and process information at much greater rates than society did before the invention of modern technology. While all this is exciting and wonderful, technology users need to understand the dangers associated with too much of a good thing. Teens should be limited to the amount of time they spend on-line, and by themselves. People should be encouraged to leave their homes and interact with their neighbors and friends. Technology has a place in society; it just shouldn’t be allowed to control it.

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Sarita said...
on Feb. 4 2017 at 8:46 am
Students should follow the rules of school

on Aug. 6 2010 at 6:57 pm
Still_Waters26 SILVER, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
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"We few, we happy few/we band of brothers/For he to-day that sheds his blood with me/Shall be my brother"
-Shakespeare, "Henry V"

Good article, although I don't fully agree with you.  I don't think it's technology that's's the users that make it so.  Technology can be a very good thing--save lives, end wars, and protect the people.  But it can also be used as harm--to deceive people, start wars, and destroy people's security.  Therefore, I don't think technology is bad.  I think that nowadays, many people are using it in a negative way.  But there are others who use it for good too.

on Apr. 24 2010 at 1:21 pm
IsobelFree DIAMOND, Hamilton, Other
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I agree. Good article - I like how you proved your point by backing it up with proof.

One thing - you should have used "too" instead of "to" in your title.

Otherwise, great job!

on Mar. 9 2010 at 9:35 pm
naturelover123 BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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I like this essay...shows both sides of the issue. I think technology is a good thing because we can keep in touch and learn a lot of new things, but I agree that too much isn't good. We need to remember to get out in the world and stop and smell the roses. The iPod section particularly got to me because it really separates us from everyone else. It's also dangerous if someone walks around alone with their iPod music playing loudly...they aren't aware of their surroundings! Someone could take advantage of that and attack them! Even in listen to their iPods and can't tell if someone is talking to them!