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March 17, 2009
By EdgeofDesire SILVER, Port Jefferson, New York
EdgeofDesire SILVER, Port Jefferson, New York
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I always wonder what goes through a musicians mind. You know, in the middle of writing this incredible song with each lyric more beautiful than the rest' that kind of music. Listening to that one song that describes the entirety of your mood and the gist of your life and at that moment, it's almost as if it was the artists' purpose to capture this. Sometimes when you're listening to something amazing, it draws out answers for you; it's as if the artist wrote the song for your own remedy. Or sometimes it may be the other way around; one song may be a recipe for disaster, a reminder of wretched pain. Whatever the cause, music has this stealthy yet undeniable way of coming into our lives and creating something out of nothing. Lyrics to songs are left for us individuals to interpret for a reason. Maybe that's what we need in our lives sometimes, a sense of mystery that music brings. That no matter what happens, at the end of the day, we'll still be searching for the answers to our own questions. For a girl like me, my answers lie between the bars of a song.

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