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Turn Down the Music

April 29, 2014
By Annna123 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Annna123 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Music is a great thing to listen to if you are bored, need to get work done, at a party, or in the car. But, do you know when the music is too loud? It is dangerous to listen to loud music when you are driving. You have to be focused on the road, not dancing and signing in your car. Even though it may help you concentrate, consequently, it can also be very distracting at the same time. Booming music can damage your hearing and give you headaches. Music that is too loud is harmful to your hearing.

Listening to loud music on a regular basis causes permanent damage, like hearing loss. An organization called, Hear the World works to raise awareness about hearing problems. According to the global organization, 9% of people listen to their music turned up all the way to the maximum. 16% of people that have MP3 players, iPods, and iPhones listen to their music at a very high volume on a daily basis. Lastly, they concluded that 85% of people play their music past the halfway point. MP3 players have the ability to blast up to 104 decibels of sound. Just imagine the damage you are doing to your ears!

Although loud music is bad to listen to, it can be effective for pain and also help with emotions. Putting headphones in your ears to drown out noise around you is a good way to concentrate and be able to to focus. Also, it can help you wake up in the morning. Setting an alarm clock with music might make you happier in the mornings, rather than waking up to an annoying ringtone. A health journalist named Adam Ramsay discovered that when listening to loud music, especially with earbuds in, it can flatten the tiny hair cells located in your ears. Eventually, they will snap. These hair cells that were once in your ear, do not grow back after they snap. The microscopic hair cells are specifically important, because they transmit signals to your brain, interpreted as sound. That is how you are able to hear things around you. As a result, ringing in your ears can start when you listen to music too loudly. Also, a hearing aid might be needed at a young age or when you’re older because of the music at a high volume. Even though it may help you concentrate, consequently, it can also be very distracting at the same time.

Hear me out, I do listen to my music on the loud side, but it’s not worth losing your hearing all together and not be able to listen to music ever again. When your ears and head start to hurt, remember to turn down the volume to the music. Having a long or short term problem with your hearing is something you don’t want. So, be careful when listening to music, because it is harmful to your hearing. You don’t know how it can affect you in the future.

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