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Is Disney Trying to Control Us?

January 8, 2014
By Shirokuro BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Shirokuro BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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What first comes to your mind when I say, DISNEY?
Yeah, I bet it’s, “Oh, an important part of my child’s life” or “Ha, yeah I know Disney. That production of kids movies and toys… Stuff like that. Why do you ask?”
I ask because just the other day, I saw a movie with a princess and a prince (cliche but classic) and the princess was alone in the tower, saved by the prince. And whaddya know? The girl had a teeny waist, with a big bust and fragile structure. Oh, and don’t forget, she was wearing a hot pink dress, skin tight at the top, and flowy after the hips. She was crying for the man to save her.
Cough cough, sexist, cough cough.
The man was muscled with a strong jaw, in a fancy suit, eyes like the ocean and a smile that would kill if it could. He rode a white stallion and called to his “fair maiden”, saying that he would save her.
Again, I say, sexist much?

Depicting women as weak creatures that need a man to survive, in my opinion, is wrong. I’m not saying that every woman has to be ripped and fighting smoker zombies with her fists, but I think that Disney could at least show some respect!
Also, to those normal men who don’t go to the gym every minute of their lives, you don’t have to be gorgeous and buff, riding your noble steed to every crying damsel.
Actually, for once, I would like to see a Disney film that shows the man in distress, completely different than the image men are supposed to be. And then, the woman saves him, looking nothing like what “rolls” Disney has laid out for us.
One more thing is that Disney has all heterosexual couples.
This world is changing. People are finding their bravery and speaking out for all the hearts in this world, whether for the same sex or different. We spent so long fighting racism, and now we’re onto same sex marriage? If we are so against discrimination, then why we are expressing pure hatred towards those who feel attracted to those of the same gender?
So, Disney? What do you say to that?
Have something against homosexual couples?
Have something against women being able to be the savior?
Have something against men being able to the damsel in distress?
You will say, no and no and no.
But I, and I hope many other people, see that the real answers are; yes and yes and yes. You DO have something against the people who don’t follow the blueprints you have made us to follow.
There was something I observed once while I was driving behind a bus. I saw an ad to meet the princesses Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty. Where was Mulan and Pocahontas? Oh, right.
Those princesses were too tough… They could actually fight for themselves. I can hear Disney saying they only didn’t include them because they forgot, or some lie like that.
It just seems like such a coincidence that the only princesses they didn’t include were the ones who were strong, independent fighters.
I know your secret about you trying to hold the world in the same place, even though it changes every day.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Disney.

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