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Why So Much Hate???

January 5, 2013
By DuchessSpeaks BRONZE, Hallandale Beach, Florida
DuchessSpeaks BRONZE, Hallandale Beach, Florida
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I really don't understand how people can hate on so many things. Why are almost all my friends and people around me make me feel that it's good to hate. One huge thing I hear about people is on music. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, One Direction, Taylor Swift, etc. are only a few. Justin Bieber is an 18-year old who is right now selling albums as we speak(or as your reading, I guess.) He is a huge hit for a bunch of girls i know. "OMG!!! Did you hear about Justin's new song?" or "I just got the new album!! My life is complete." This list goes on, actually. Anyway, you hear someone say, "I hate Justin Bieber!" or "I hate One Direction!" or any other singer who's your idol. My question is why do you hate them? They have done nothing wrong to you at all (that i know of). They are people living a dream and are forced to sing songs they don't want to. You think Justin Bieber would want to sing things that are like rated PG?? I don't think so. One Direction is just a boy band who sings songs for a bunch of like 10 year old children. They are supposed to sing songs like that so more kids buy their stuff to make money. I don't think some celebrities want to sing really annoying songs that catch the mind of children today. Taylor Swift is a chic whose career revolves on a bunch of break up songs. I am not a fan of most of her songs, but if she's making millions of dollars off of those songs, who am i to be talking. If she has to date a guy every month to get new songs out on how they break up, let her do it. No need to hate her on dating millions of guys and breaking their hearts, karma comes back and someone will make a hit single out of them breaking up. My main point is that you shouldn't hate on celebrities because you just want to be like them or you're just jealous. They don't know you and are just trying to make money like everyone else in this planet. Even if it involves doing stuff they'll regret later on.

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