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Music is All Around Us

October 19, 2012
By cha465 BRONZE, Hometown, Illinois
cha465 BRONZE, Hometown, Illinois
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The sun was shining, I can feel a gentle breeze on my almost like a fans gentle push of air on a hot summer day. On a typical day like this I would just sit outside all day and just listen to the sounds around me and pick out specific as like a bird singing and the soft rustling of the leaves in the trees. To me that’s where all music begins. I can begin to relax and just sit back and do nothing but listen. It begins with the most simplest of sounds that can help the listener pick out the most important part of music is how every note works together to bring to our attention of such a great master piece as the music is composed for your enjoyment. I believe that music can change a person’s personality no matter what the type of music it is it can describe anyone in any situation good or bad. I remember when I was feeling down and then I put my headphones in and just focused on the music. On how it changed in variation to another song that just played not that long ago on the radio and if a person really focuses on the music they can detect how the music was played and probably repeat it note for note and lyric for lyric or even a simple cord. Music is one of that is good and everyone can get to love it. They just need to listen very closely and they too can be good as one of the bands. Even a solo vocalist listens closely to what he/she is writing. They need to listen to just get inspired by themselves. Like when they are in public. When there is a bountiful of sounds that can come from the most simplest of thing like a bird resting on a building and singing even though no one can her them with all the other noise coming from anywhere. Well here’s a thought think of a time when you were somewhere alone and no one was around. It was just the noises you hear everyday like from the cars coming down your street or the little animals feet running all around the neighbor hood. Would you really be able to hear every little detail? I’m guessing no because of all the other sounds that accompany everything.

Music can change the outcome of anything. It just takes the right person to find the music. It can make a good day go bad by the listener. To just listen close enough to just hear either one word or a whole line. They can think back to past memories that were at the time sad because someone either passed away or a pet that you had your whole life just suddenly let their mind just slip away in an instant. Music can turn a bad day into a great day by just the music. Nothing else just how the band connects with each other and how they think of the listener and how they would react to the music. If they would like it or not. To me, and to a lot of people, music can be their whole life they can go to concerts. Just to pick out what version they like. Then play it along with the other music and see the difference. If it wasn’t for music, most of the world will just be a dull place where no one would be jumping up and down when their favorite band comes to their town or to a place close by that they can see them in action and thank them for their music. How it touched them and everything but the main reason why the world would be so dull if that the music now would be all like talk radio and nothing really that catches the listeners attention.

Music can be inspirational to some people. It can be thing the people hate the most because they can be the only one not only hearing the music. But to listen to what they are supposed to hear. To how the music is inspiring that they one day may write a song. To one extent become like the one they amire. Now and in the future the music is going to be done with electronics and all the people have to do is lip sing and just learn to dance and they will do fine but where is the heart and soul in all that to me it’s just not right to just learn a dance and that’s all they really have to do and nothing else it’s just like nobody actually really cares for where the music came from or how it was created and how the process is to get that type of music even if you try the same situation and try to get the same result as the artist. Every artist is no different than the next all that is really said is the type of music they play and how they sing that music and basically the dancing but everyone can dance the same way and no one person can choose to be like another. One person’s life is their own life and they can do anything they want with it and no one else can tell them otherwise because if you actually look at it no two people are alike they are different in every way possible and anything can connect people like two people can like the same type of music but have different views on every aspect of the music.

The author's comments:
Music inspires me to be the best i can no matter what happens

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