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Edward Cullen

January 10, 2010
By alyssamichele SILVER, Houston, Texas
alyssamichele SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Edward Cullen is a heartthrob, and the center of many teenaged girls’ lives. Parents today read the books and watch the movies and debate whether Edward Cullen should lead as an example for younger teens. Researchers can conclude from negative parents that teens’ modeling their life after Edward Cullen is ridiculous. The negative parents say that Edward Cullen is a cruel idea that has grippingly taken capture of the societal teens’ hearts. Many moms have responded to the article concerning the “dark, mysterious, controlling” effect Edward has had on their children (Sunshine Simmons). Sunshine Simmons goes on to ask if Twilight teaches their children that abusive relationships are acceptable. Two researchers did a study on teen idol worship. They found out that “there were two types of idol worship” (Sunshine Simmons). There is one called “entertainment-social celebrity worship” (Sunshine Simmons) , which basically describes every girl in America at one point or another. Then there is the obsessive, creepy kind of adornment, which is more serious and less common, but it only happens to few teens’ that believe they can have a personal relationship with a celebrity. The other side of the debate believes in the exact opposite. They believe that Edward Cullen is a perfect example of a gift sent from God. They also proclaim that boyfriends better watch out because their relationships are running on a thin wire with Edward holding scissors above then. Commenting on women is something that Edward does perfectly. Edward subtly implies that he does not only look at her outward appearance, but he looks at what is in the inside. Jenna Mann goes on to say that women love hearing things like that because it makes them feel special. All boyfriends should ask “What would Edward do?” before doing anything. Jenna denies most boys’ claims by saying, “What separates him from any actual person is his sense of humor, chivalry, composure, and self-control.” Edward has all the characteristics that women look for in a boyfriend. Men should learn from Edward and use him as their role model because there aren’t any in today’s culture.

I personally disagree on some parts with both of them. The angry mom is only venting her feelings because her son got dumped. She needs to understand that all teens’ go through a stage of the “love-bug,” and it’s only natural. I do agree with Sunshine Simmons on one part. Teens that have an obsession with a celebrity to the point o becoming detached from family members and friends are ridiculous and should be stopped immediately. The clam mom needs to understand that he is fictional character and his action may not have an effect on boys that are reading this article because they are only hearing how bad they are, and what they lack. They are never told anything positive. From my past experiences, I have noticed that reading a book does give people insight into their own lives, but fictional stories makes it difficult to do that. It is hard to apply lessons taken from a book into the readers’ own life because it’s not real. I do agree with her idea that men should like women for what’s on the inside also, and not just the outside appearance. Overall, both these grown women need to understand that characters can’t change strong-headed teenage boys and girls. Edward is a character meant for entertaining purposes, not for a life-altering lecture that was planned to change the lives of teens all over America.

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