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Tha color of sound

September 30, 2009
By That_One_Guy BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
That_One_Guy BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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"there is nouthing to fear but fear itself...and spiders" "that's what she said"

As in, music. You know that thing with tha drums, and tha piano, and tha guitar? Yeah!!! That thing. It controls us. It can make you laugh, cry, makes us happy, makes us who WE are. I think of song types by coloring them in my mind. Even in the mall in my mind I think of what I should color this as.

Rock. Black/red
Listen to it for once! After a while, write down how you feel. If you want, look up 96 quite bitter beings. That’s metal rock, or look up either way. That’s like, something for working out, or going for a ride.
Song: CKY 96 quite bitter beings

Electro.haha! Purple/sky blue/yellow

Electro is like a type of hip hop, or well, you could call it dance. it makes you want to get up and just makes you in a good mood!! :)

Song: Ccrimewave by Cristal Castles

Hip-hop. Blue/red

Hip-hop is like a poem with a beat in tha background. It has some effect to your day. If you listen to tha rap form, your ganna be dark. But if its tha dance, preppy type, you’re going to have it in your head for a while.
These are the colors I think of when I hear of a song. I’ll be like “oh!! That song is so yellow”, or,”wow. Pink. I like it!” but that’s me.
Song: JAY-Z on to the next one or empire state of mind.

Me, well I like all types of music. We [me n my parents] spend so much money on songs form iTunes. It’s a pain it tha a** cuz we spend so much money, but hay, no one said it was ganna be easy! That’s why I love music, but it also has a dark side, so use it wisely

The author's comments:
i love music!!! read this story if you do too! and look up some of tha songs in there

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Daydreamish said...
on Mar. 6 2011 at 8:02 pm
Interesting! Did you know, there's this cool thing some ppl have called synesthesia and it means your brain draws parallels between the senses; for example, sound and colours. You are lucky! :) This article has made me appreciate music more.