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Television advantages and disadvantages

February 25, 2020
By mahmoud_hisham BRONZE, Alexandria, Other
mahmoud_hisham BRONZE, Alexandria, Other
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The electronic double edged sword:

Is television a bless or a curse ? That is a question in which people will have plenty of various opinions and different answers. Recently, television made our lives much more easier, as it is a huge source of information and entertainment. That made people know and realize every single news, while sitting in their lazy chair or on their comfortable coach watching TV. So, is television that useful? And is it harmful or not really? Indeed , television is a double faced coin : some people suggest that TV has tons of negative effects; whereas, other people claim that TV is very beneficial to humanity.

One the one hand , there are multiple advantages for television. Initially, TVs have  a positive impact upon people’s personality. Nowadays, television provides the option of being more civilized, cultured and intellectual while, seated on their comfortable coach in this cold weather, beside the heater, under their thick woolen blanket, drinking their favorite hot chocolate.Not only noticing everything happening in the globe but also, learning new several things and getting more educated. Isn’t that incredible!

In the second place, televisions play an important role in making young aged children and toddlers more involved in the world. Cartoon programs and movies that you may find very trivial and useless, have a magnificent role in building the child’s personality , as it widen their imagination allowing them to delve deeper in the world in a very effective way and it is also very entertaining.

One the other hand, televisions can be a destructive, demonic , lethal weapon.In the first place, TV may cause severe addiction to it. Accordingly to statistics, over 15% of people worldwide can sit watching TV for continuous , consecutive hours without even getting bored! This leads to development of laziness , decreasing burning of excess calories, causing obesity that may result in diabetes type 2 or even worse -heart diseases.So, television gradually destroys human health.

Another remarkable disadvantage, age restrictions are becoming weaker and weaker day after day. This causes immature children at young ages to watch movies and shows with inappropriate content such as drugs , language, and violence. Consequently, a negative impact is cultivated inside the child’s personality , leading to destruction of all his manners and mannerisms.

To conclude , TV is a double edged sword which can be used as a source of information and at the same time , can be used as a dangerous weapon. It is matter how you use it. Personally, I recommend wise usage of Television to get benefited by its benefits and neglect its disadvantages.

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