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The Office

January 8, 2020
By Calebc123 BRONZE, Urbandale, Iowa
Calebc123 BRONZE, Urbandale, Iowa
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One of the most memorable and successful television shows to date is none other than, 'The Office'. The show is portrayed in a documentary style and is centered around a seemingly boring paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. With nine seasons of pranks, romance, huge laughs, and awkward moments, 'The Office' is widely known to be one of the best shows to ever be on TV. Each character is unique in their own quirky way and they quickly become can't miss television. Somehow, it makes you think your dream job could be a paper salesman.

The first reason ‘The Office’ is widely considered the best show around is that it is very relatable to the real world if you have ever had a job. Because who doesn’t want to work for a boss like Michael Scott, who doesn’t want a fellow employee like Jim Halpert or Dwight Shrute. The characters in this incredible series give us an in-depth look at a fun and interesting view of how the business world is run. Back to my first point, Michael was a funny and relatable leader because of his constant attempts at humor and the lack of care he shows after his seemingly endless failures. Another thing about Michael, if you have ever had a job I can say, without a doubt, we all would wish our boss was as lenient and gullible as Michael.  After watching the show and seeing some of the stuff that the Dunder Mifflin employees got away with; I hope I have a boss like Michael.

My favorite reason for liking the show was Jim’s constant pranks on Dwight, and the subsequent responses and retaliation from Dwight. My favorite prank Jim ever pulled on Dwight was when Jim pretended to move the coat hanger with his mind, which turned out to be Pam with an umbrella. Seeing Dwight's face during the prank was all anyone would need to brighten their day. Jim’s pranks; however, would have been considered cruel and unusual punishment, if not for the responses and payback attempts by Dwight. For example, during one of the Christmas episodes we see Dwight and Jim’s snowball fight take a drastic and scary turn on Jim when Dwight has Halpert scared for his safety when he tried to leave the office. But the endless hours of comedy gold do not stop with just Jim and Dwight, our loveable friend Kevin has his moments of glory throughout the seasons as well as Andy and so many others. 

For all you love enthusiasts, 'The Office' had no shortages in this category. Perhaps the most frustratingly obvious one was Jim and Pam. From start to finish we saw their love take fun and interesting turns throughout the seasons. Their relationship, like many others, faced highs and lows. But in the end, they always found their way back to each other much to the delight of fans of the show. Although Jim and Pam’s love may have been the most prevalent, Dwight and Angela also had their intense love moments on screen. Whether it was their secret meetups or the hidden romance, this relationship had no dull moments. Even though it all seemed lost when Angela was engaged to Andy, or then engaged to the Senator, Dwight stayed strong and loving toward Angela until the day of their eventual marriage. During almost the entire airing of the program, we saw nearly every member of the cast go through some sort of relationship. It could be a story about former lovers, an affair, and especially one night stands. The relatability to these couples and their relationships is what drew me in and what I most enjoyed about the series. 

'The Office' may not be a California beach love story or have the Marvel Universe action, but if you take a look at any episode, you are sure to find wisdom, love, and laughter being imparted in some way. The one-on-one conversations with each character throughout each episode also contain pockets of wisdom and life lessons for the audience to take in and enjoy. Or an episode may contain a simple “That’s What She Said” joke that makes you laugh. Let’s face it, whether you’re laughing or crying, this is a show for all!

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