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The reason why students should study Tupac

December 15, 2019
By jjbrazy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
jjbrazy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Students should study about Tupac Shakur, because many people can relate to things Tupac went through growing up being a person of color moving city to city. It's not all the pretty flowers and funworld their is struggle behind life itself only the people who struggle to understand the meaning of life. Tupac struggled most of his life towards the way many people can reflect off of for example his mom not always being their or his dad being their most students can relate to those types of struggles. For the people who don't struggle just gets things “handed to them” in a way they don't know how it is feeling that you might not have a roof over your head tomorrow or have food to eat or clothes on your back. For example a racist society the way blacks get treated the % of people of color actually being able to be someone in the future, or the % of colored people ending up in prison or dead. 

Tupac was obsessed with rap because he insisted on being the best dice. In holler if ya hear me Dyson is saying “to be better than the rest of the rappers you need to have a message for the people now in day can understand the message”. Tupac was obsessed with being the best rapper and sharing a message to give people knowledge of things Tupac learned and is very wise about. Tupac was born in New York moved to Baltimore  then Marine city to Oakland, there was a lot of moving around the city to city but most students go through the same thing a lot of moving from place to place.

Tupac began to write poetry, because he was very literate in his reading and writing Dyson strikes “but tupac’s piece was entirely different”. This is what makes Tupac very special in his literacy and being literate it's cause he loves to write poetry. Tupac writes about “real stuff”, such as the society being racist. My favorite tupac poem was “dear mrs. hawkins”, because hawkins was a african male who got brutally murdered in a white neighborhood by the police on purpose. Group of white boys murdered him based on the color of his skin, that's what makes Tupac an inspirational person by writing about the things that are in the society. 

Tupac had trouble finding love, because his dilemma, he was scared to let out his sensitive side and thug side all at once, because he feels like women wouldn’t understand him. “In holler if ya hear me” Dyson states “women that were attracted to his sensitive side had a hard time understanding his thug side”. It was hard for tupac to find love, because women wouldn't understand him and tupac can't express his feelings. 

Thug life is a new act of a black panther movement for tupac bring back old things in new ways. Tupac was able to spread his message by speaking to local gang members about how to do things what's right and wrong, how to keep the young kids out of this and keep them focused. A lot of people stereotype tupac about thug life saying it's a gang it's crips or bloods when THUG LIFE is a new form of act, of the black panthers. Tupac used “clean up the gang” to many gang members because kids running around with guns drug dealing around the block.

Tupac isn't  this evil bad black guy he isn't a crip, a gang member none of the stereotypes he is a african male that was trying to spread a message of Thug life to many others, I would study about Tupac, because you need to give people a chance to learn about who they were and what they did to build their legacy this lesson can reflect towards a lot of young teenager.

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Students should study about tupac, because he is inspirational to many people that go through the struggles he has been through

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