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my favorite type of music.

December 19, 2018
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"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

music to me is not just a thing. it’s a feeling, a lifestyle, everything. music also cannot be summed up into one category, much like people. i used to think that we had to fit into one category, one stereotype (gah, i hate those), and it affected my view of music. thank goodness i discovered that it’s okay to be into to a million different things because i honestly would be lost if i hadn’t realized that. and of course my view on music changed too.

when i realized that i could be into 20 different things at once, i figured it applied to music. so my playlist consists of marilyn manson, green day, gnash (love him), blackbear, asking alexandria, nf, and so on. it’s all over the place, but there is one common thread - meaning. i only listen to music when the lyrics have a good meaning that is either special to me specifically, or just inspiring in general. and since i love good lyrics, i’ve eliminated songs from my playlist that are meaningless or vulgar (with the exception of some that i cannot let go of).

i’ve found many artists that speak to my heart directly, and i couldn’t imagine not loving their music. one of these artists is gnash. he is probably my favorite artist, and words cannot describe how much i appreciate him. he describes things i couldn’t imagine describing, and he does it so beautifully. gnash is incredibly talented - he can sing, he can rap, and he can even pull off gerard way, brendon urie, and travis barker, which is something no one else can do (at least, not in one video :P). his lyrics are literally unbeatable, i mean, no one is as deep as gnash. he is just amazing.

so, music is different to everyone. to me, music is a therapy. i get my emotions out through music. my music taste shows who i am. without music, i wouldn’t be who i am today. so thank you music 💘

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(i don't capitalize, on purpose, for an aesthetic) i've always loved music. this piece just sums up my feelings on music, and my favorite type of music (kinda). 

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