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December 6, 2018
By mariadonan BRONZE, Hemet, California
mariadonan BRONZE, Hemet, California
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        Let’s talk about Friends. I don’t mean friendships, I mean the show with all those best friends trying to make a living in New York City. Specifically the relationships that involve some of the main characters in the show. (Spoiler Alert) If you’ve ever watched friends then you probably know the complicated love history between Joey, Rachel, and Ross.

      “WE WERE ON A BREAK” is probably one of the most iconic lines in television history. That iconic line comes from the one and only Ross Geller but let me give you some background. On their anniversary Rachel has been called into work all day, but Ross expected Rachel to drop everything to go out. So when Rachel arrived home from work, they began to argue and Ross mentioned Mark, Rachel’s coworker whom he is extremely jealous of, which angered Rachel leading her to say they should take a break. That very night Ross decided to go to a club and slept with another woman but when he got home he received a call from Rachel talking about working things out. In my opinion, Ross does not deserve Rachel! There is a big difference between taking a break and breaking up. He basically cheated on Rachel but uses the excuse “ WE WERE ON A BREAK” to get away with it. If you love someone it is not that easy to do something you know would hurt the other person and make them question if they were good enough.

       That’s enough about boring old Ross. How about Joey Tribbiani? The heartthrob of the group, you can say he is a player. At least he was until he fell in love with one Ms. Rachel Green, his best friend. The only problem here is Ross and Joey are best friends. Joey is the sweetest, most caring friend around so of course he never acts on this until he confronts Ross about what he is feeling. Once he tells Ross, Joey says he will not do anything about it without his permission. Ross of course feels guilty making him hide his love for Rachel so he encourages him to tell her. However, Rachel does not reciprocate the same feelings leaving Joey heartbroken but he must continue to be her best friend even if it hurts him.

     Overall, Rachel and Ross ending up together was outrageous in my opinion. Joey was a much better candidate and deserved to be able to treat Rachel right. After what Ross did to Rachel i could just not imagine taking him back. All in all, the love triangle in Friends was completely unfair to Joey and justified Ross’s terrible actions.

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