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To the Friend Who Is Away on Her Birthday

December 30, 2016
By Bismah PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
Bismah PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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In the 6 years we have been friends, 4 have been spent apart from each other. One was spent 6,707 miles apart and the other 3 were spent 933 miles away.

This is the fourth year where I wish I were by your side spraying snow spray, popping party poppers, singing happy birthday and cutting a strawberry cheesecake, after all, that is your favorite cake. I wish I could ring your doorbell at midnight instead of calling to wish you. I wish I could give you your presents instead of shipping them but more than anything, I wish to simply be with you while you celebrate 17 years of existing.

Like your birthday, I have missed out on a lot of momentous occasions of your life, some of which were small and some big. Even though I wasn’t there to celebrate your O level result, or when you turned 16 or get ready with you for farewell and probably won't be with you when you turn 18 and graduate and get accepted into your dream university, I’m glad we are still in touch and stronger than ever.

I cherish our late night conversations where we ramble about random stuff, mostly about food. I wait for our Skype, Face time and house party sessions even if they are for 10 minutes since that’s the only time we get to spend together. Even though I pretend like I’m hurt, I love your impromptu calls because you are bored and I’m your last source of entertainment.

There are times when my words and calls aren’t enough to make you feel better and I feel helpless because I can not drive up to your house and be with you. There are times when I feel insecure and less than your friends that you spend every day with but then I look back on these 6 years and all that we have been through and I know there will be many more years to come.

I don’t tell you this very often, but I am so proud of and even though you think you are a “disappointment”, you are not. You are the most selfless person I have met and I will never understand your need to be nice to everyone but that is one of the many things I admire about you. While many people think the eighteenth birthday is the most important, in your case all of your birthdays are important. Happy Birthday.

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