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Sorry Not Sorry

October 6, 2015
By Josslyco BRONZE, New York, NY, New York
Josslyco BRONZE, New York, NY, New York
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"Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are. It could be so much worse."

Dear somebody I used to know,


I won't deny that I miss those times, heck I still think about them. The late night talks, eating lunch, and just talking about life. Everytime I see you it reminds me of the past. I tend to run away from the past and I leave because it's the best choice for me. My life was only being revolved around you, and I wasn't able to focus on myself anymore. It was all about the drama that you had with this unknown identitiy. I'll admit I did contribute to this drama but after time I realized how much of a waste of time it was. I am actually doing much bette than you by the way. I am becoming my own person dady by day and I don't have to depend on you. I've known for a while that it was time to end this, but I couldn't say this directly. I gave you hints but you didn't seem to get them or even notice at all. When I became isolated with you and your friends I realized this wasn't my crowd. You didn't need me or appreciate me as much as I thought. At the end after I left, that's when you told me that you needed me. I knw you needed me because you gave me one last shot. I was about to give it another chance but something told me to stop and move on. I did this by leaving you with a breath of silence. I will admit, silence isn't always the best answer. It's just at that point in my life I had nothing left to say. This because I was enjoying my life until I saw the chance the gave me, which made my realize that I didn't want drama or situations with you anymore. The chance you gave me made me upset instead of cheerful. Sometimes though, I wonder if you even care that I left even if you act like you don't. Maybe I was just convenient for you. I remember even sticking up for you but you didn't even say the two words that showed you actually cared what I did.  Instead of saying thank you, you criticized the way I handled the situation. Anyways, thank you for all the memories but now it's time for me to move on and focus on myself. Sorry not sorry.



           A New Person

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I hope people don't always put others in front of themselves because then you forget to love yourself and you start to depend on others for acceptance. This expereince actually served as a life lesson for me, and it has made me the person I have actually always wanted to be.

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on Oct. 17 2015 at 1:02 pm
anothergreektragedy PLATINUM, Pembroke, Massachusetts
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Just laugh

I love how you set it up as a letter and the ending line is really powerful. I may not know you, but im happy for you after reading this.