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I would like to address the matter of parents. What I think makes one and their role in our lives. My mom has always been there for me in the rough journey from childhood to my teens. She has been my guide and trusted friend and she had made me consider what makes a parent. Notice how I didn’t say amazing or great parent. I believe that if you are a parent the words before are of little importance. There is no such thing as a bad parent, for if the word bad must be added to the title then the title should not be used on the person at hand. For a parent is a word in which no adjectives are needed to describe its greatness.
Having a child is the easy part of parenthood. Now ‘having’ could mean birth, adopting, or simple choosing to be there for a child. In that view, anyone could be a parent. The hard part of parenthood is everything that comes after that simple chose. Parents have one of the hardest jobs. They must make sacrifices for their children and always stand by them, even when we disappoint them. They have to lead us, give us their trust and gain ours in return. Parents never abuse the trust of their child, for they know that to us, it is something we can always give to them.
Something that is in all parents is the power of forgiveness, which brings comfort to all. Knowing that no matter how bad we mess up, no matter how much trouble we cause, we can count on an ear to listen to our side of the story and hear the apologies every else ignores. That is what I really make a parent. My mom can always tell when my apology is sincere. I take great comfort in knowing that when no one else will believe me I can count on her to be there for me, even when the words “I hate you,” leaves my mouth.
Ask your parents if they remember when you said those three words to them. I remember asking my dad once, and he could remember every single time I said it to him. Some of the times I couldn’t even remember. Now that I think, I realize that even if they know we don’t mean it, it still weighs on their heart. I take a part in saying “I love you,” to my mom every day. I don’t need her to say it first nor do I need her to buy me something. I say it because I just like saying it to her. I like her to hear that I appreciate everything she does for me, and I strive to be like her.
In conclusion, I believe that parents have it hard. They sacrifice, hear undeserved “I hate you,” and just guide us through the challenges of life. That is their job every day. To help us learn from our mistakes as well as theirs. And when they lead us to adulthood and we have children or our own, it is their voices that echo in our minds and hearts. When the words “I sound just like my mother,” enter in mind or leave my mouth, a small smile graces my face and a twinge of annoyance flares up within me. I want to be like my mom, but I don’t want to sound old. Every time I need to make a tough choice I find myself thinking “If I chose this could I look mom in the eye and tell her with pride.” Every time that thought enters my mind I find myself annoyed but also happy to know I think of my mom even then. I guess she raised me to well.

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