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A Thin Line

May 14, 2010
By NoellePerry SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
NoellePerry SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Hate is such a strong word
And you’re the only one to blame.
I’m really speaking to no one,
But I’ll say it all the same.

I hate the way you laugh
and how you always seem to smile.
I hate how immature you are
just like a little child.
I hate the way you make me laugh
and then you make me cry.
I hate how careless you can be.
Why did I even try?
I hate how I can’t look at you
whenever you walk by.
I hate how every single song
reminds me of your eyes.
I hate how I actually miss your touch
and still want to hold your hand.
I hate how I still think you’re better
than every other man.
I hate how I can’t think of summer
without feeling a little tear.
I hate how your annoying voice
is all I want to hear.
I hate how beautiful you are.
You show confidence with ease.
I hate how you look at other girls
the way you used to look at me.
I hate how I missed out
on the biggest a#$hole in the world.
I hate how I missed my one chance
to be your one and only girl.
I hate the way your stupid smile
can make a dark room bright.
And I hate that one word from you
can keep me smiling all day and night.
I hate how my dreams are still filled
with memories of your face.
I hate how you can always win
when I come in last place.
I hate how you don’t need me
when I want you here so bad.
I hate how much my heart aches.
It almost makes me mad.
I had how all my confidence is gone
with one condescending glare.
And I hate the next second I feel so gorgeous
with one of your loving stares.
I hate everything about you.
And I wish that you were gone.
It’d be better without you in my life
So getting over you wouldn’t take so long.
The truth about this story
isn’t about hate at all.
It’s about how much I loved you
and how you let me fall.
How one minute you were here,
and the next you had moved on.
And how I can never be with you
and how you forced me to be strong.
So my heart will live in the past
While my eyes begin to cry
Although you’ve already turned your back,
I’m still waving goodbye

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on Jun. 1 2010 at 6:50 am
BeYOUtiful_13 BRONZE, Tinley Park, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
~Marilyn Monroe

that is really good. I wish i could write like that. But I was told I was good with advice. anyways, its pretty heart felt. any girl in teenage years know what you mean in this. Bravo