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Is it true love?

March 26, 2010
By wiinga BRONZE, Kwigillingok, Alaska
wiinga BRONZE, Kwigillingok, Alaska
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Love...What is it really? Can high-school love really happen? That question has been in my head for a long time ago…ever since I “fell in love” with my boyfriend about 2 years ago. Well, maybe no one can really describe love. I think love is when you really care about someone unconditionally. You don’t look at their flaws and you don’t count the wrongs that the person you love did. You DON’T say, “You did something I don’t want you to do. I don’t love you anymore” but you just love him or her unconditionally. And it’s even greater when he or she loves you back! :D Well, anyways, I met my boyfriend about 3 years ago. We started talking the summer he visited this town. I had a crush on him but I just didn’t have the nerve to ask him out. He left and went back home. Then he started chatting with me online. :D I would get nervous every time his name popped up on my computer screen. You know that feeling when you crush starts talking to you. We started IM-ing each other everyday. I then knew that he liked me back and said he was going to move here to this village and he asked me out. I was so nervous that I just said no. I don’t know why I even said that if I like him so much but he moved here anyways. He asked me out again for one whole week and I would just say no. I finally accepted his request about a week after he moved here! That was like a dream come true. Little did I know that I would be with him for long because I thought that he liked someone else in this village and I thought that was the reason he moved here. I don’t know why I even suspected that because he would always call me and hang out with me. There was no proof that he liked someone else and it was only me thinking all these crazy thoughts! Lol. We started out okay for the first couple of months than we started having so many problems when I found out he does drugs. We would always argue but he said he still loved me and I loved him unconditionally (or so I thought). It would seem like the arguments were getting worse but soon I learned that that is not the way someone should love someone. I really wanted to be with him so I started to talk about our problems instead of being in arguments with him. I would also encourage him to quit that horrible drug he was using instead of yelling at him when he does. I realized that encouraging him instead of yelling at him worked better since that made him want to quit and it when I used to yell at him it would make him want to do drugs even more. I didn’t want to yell at him because I care about him and I don’t want him to use drugs. Now he’s drug free because of my encouragement and not my yelling. He also realized he was hurting me by using drugs because when he was addicted he would start being angry at me for no reason just because he was craving. He didn’t want to hurt me anymore because he loved me. He told me that he wants to quit for me but yelling didn’t help, only encouragement and talking it over calmly. My point is when someone really loves someone; they do nice things for them like what my boyfriend did for me and what I started doing for him by not yelling at him. He also loved me unconditionally and I loved him back. We realized that later on in our relationship and now we are happily together. I hope to be with him for a long time and if I am HOPEFULLY still with him it will have been 3 years of being with him on September 18, 2010 (lol…I still remember the way when we started going out). I believe that’s is true love.

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I just wanted to write about my boyfriend and I. I believe I truly love him.

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