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What ever happened to loyalty??

December 4, 2009
By Love_Baby SILVER, Wyoming, Michigan
Love_Baby SILVER, Wyoming, Michigan
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In the past year I have been cheated on, my current boyfriend was cheated on by his ex-girlfriend. He cheated on his ex-girlfriend to be with me and one of my best friends is cheating on her current boyfriend. In each of these situations the "other person” or the one being cheated for knew that the other person already had a boyfriend or girlfriend. Also in all four of these examples there were friendships as well as relationships being trashed? When my boyfriend cheated on his ex to be with me, I and she were great friends. I’m also really good pals with my friends boyfriend, who she is cheating on and I am doing nothing about because I’m also friends with who she is cheating on him with.
I guess the point I’m trying to make with all this is, what ever happened to good, solid, loyal relationships. I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite because I am obviously involved in a big part of this myself but I don’t think any part of what happened was right. I just wonder what happened to the honest friendships and relationships.
Is it media and society telling us these actions are ok? We see television shows where boy dates two, or even more, a girl at one time and in the end everything turns out ok and he’s with one of the girls. It may blow up in his face first and then work itself out but it almost always seems to work out in the end. Or scenarios where one of the girls knows about the other and it turns into a big fight between two friends, but by the end of either the episode or the series, the girls make up and promise to “never let a boy come between them again.”
There is constantly media being fed to us saying these actions are ok. Television shows, books, movies, even song lyrics. For example, ‘3’ by Brittney Spears, talks about having more than one partner at a time, and that it’s more fun that way. All this media pounding these ideas into our heads is causing us to act in these ways. To cheat on our partners, to allow people to cheat on our friends to be with us, to stab our friends in the back, and even to let our friends cheat on, and hurt our other friends.
These actions are tearing apart best friends and couples through out my entire high school, as well as our middle and elementary school. Yes, these problems are even becoming more prevalent now in younger children. Which is mostly cause by the fact that they look up to their older siblings and even parents, or may be subdued to the same media as the older members of the household are watching, reading, or hearing.
Lying, cheating, backstabbing and just simply not doing the right thing is becoming a big problem these days, and it scares me and it should scare you as well.

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