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My Big Heart

April 27, 2021
By sassavig5 BRONZE, Makaweli, Hawaii
sassavig5 BRONZE, Makaweli, Hawaii
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Do you ever feel like you were put onto this earth to love but not feel nor receive love? Day by day, I slowly realize the way my heart works. I tend to put others' happiness before mine, which is my greatest weakness. I care more about loving them and making them happy rather than the way they make me feel. The pain I feel is so surreal and to think someone may be going through the same thing is why I care so much. As life goes on, I put on this mask that I am okay so that others don't have to worry about me. When in reality, I am dying inside. I feel like I have been loving for so long, but not receiving that same love. The moment I feel the love I crave, it gets stripped away from me like I never even had it. Whereas someone opens up their heart to me, something happens and that love disappears. And when that love that they were giving disappears, mine happens to still be there. I don't lose the love I have for that person. No matter how many times they may have done me wrong, deep down I will forever have a place in my heart for them. I believe it's a way of me having a “big heart,” where at the same time, it's my biggest weakness. Many people don't deserve that love I have for them, but with the way my heart works, that love will forever remain with me.

The author's comments:

This piece is just about how loving too hard can be a burden and how it can truly be a weakness rather than a strength and that most people don't realize that. 

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