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Valentine's Day is Completely and Utterly Irrelevant

February 12, 2019
By _Emma_Lynn_ SILVER, Hemet, California
_Emma_Lynn_ SILVER, Hemet, California
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 February 14. The biggest blowup of sudden romance that dies out before April. We all know the drill. Either stick with your partner for yet another year or pick one out quick before all the good ones are gone. Spoil your partner with little love notes, big fluffy bears, and boxes of mystery chocolates. Anything that’s expensive and tied with a red bow would be more than perfect. But Why? What is the point? Why do we as a society claim that we’re happy being “single dollar bills not looking for any change” then frantically scramble for a significant other just because our callender demands us so? Why do we shove all of our romance for our soulmate into only one day of the year? Why do we support a holiday meant only for the sweethearts? For hundreds of years, all around the globe, we have been promoting this red and pink mess we call “romance.” If no one else is bold enough to say it outloud and actually mean it, I will. Valentine's day is completely and utterly irrelevant. We don’t need a specific day to tell our one and only that we love everything about them. We don’t need an annual event to spoil our significant other. We should be able to get our love a box of chocolate just because we wanted to see their face light up. Now before you make any harsh criticism, hear me out. If you want to keep this sappy chaos of hearts and undercover coconut chocolate, then alright. Celebrate your heart out. All I want you to consider is creating a holiday for the single pringles. The ones who will be alone on Valentine’s day having a Netflix and Chill with their cats. The ones who look through Pinterest to find relatable single quotes and post on their social media. Perhaps examine February 15, the day all of the chocolate goes on sale for 70% off. Yes, I believe February 14 is just an ordinary day splattered with hearts, but hey. Cupid hasn’t come to town just yet, so me and the rest of my clan will sit tight. In the meantime, we’ll keep criticizing those lovey-dovey photos of you and your boyfriend giving little pecks on the checks. Cause if we don’t, who will?

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Just a little something from all the single ladies. 

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