Story of the Sea Turtle

June 5, 2013
I have been studying sea turtle conservation for the past couple of months. The sea turtles are dying off and we, as humans, need to save them from us. We are destroying their natural habitat, we are killing them with fishing lines, and we are taking and selling their eggs. If we don’t stop doing these things, then I am certain that sea turtles will go extinct soon. Sea turtles are fun and interesting and I don’t want to live in a world without them.

I have been researching the topic of sea turtle conservation for our 8th grade culminating project. Some key things I’ve learned about it are that five of the seven turtle species are endangered or critically endangered. I did a lot of research on bycatch and long-lining because to me, those seemed like they were the biggest threats to sea turtles. I thought that it was shocking how some people in Florida sell sea turtle eggs on the black market for $36 a dozen. I am glad that some people are trying to do more research on how sea turtles live by using tracking devices that they put on them. This way, they can learn how to conserve them much better.
I wonder when people will start to realize how much of an issue this is becoming. The sea turtles are dying off, and nobody seems to care at all. If we are going to stop their extinction, then we will have to all work together and do simple things like clean up trash or raise awareness. If everyone around the world did one thing like this, then it would really help out in sea turtle conservation.

One other impactful aspect of the topic I explored described how people invented devices called Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs). TEDs are used in shrimp nets and they make it so that many sea turtles are saved every year. When the sea turtle accidentally enters the net, then there are bars that are used near the entrance so that only small animals like fish can get through the bars, but big animals like sea turtles can’t get through. Below the bars, there is a large opening that allows the sea turtle to escape from the net.

I am starting to realize that some people do care about sea turtles. It brings joy to my heart to know that sea turtles are loved by some people like conservation and marine biologists. As long as more people start to care, then we can help the sea turtles, but many people don’t even realize how much of an issue this is. Nobody knows about this, and that is the issue. The people like me that care need to speak out and raise awareness about sea turtle conservation.

I think the way I want this project to impact me is by giving me the courage to express my feelings about topics that I care about. I also hope that it makes me want to help out the sea turtles by donating money to organizations, and picking up litter that is all over the beaches. I hope that because of this writing, then you, my audience, might care too.

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