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Our Home,the Earth

May 25, 2010
By Anonymous

People have hurt the Earth in so many ways. We have to stop being careless and fix what we have ruined. Everybody has a choice. Their choice is to either take care of the Earth properly or not take care of the Earth at all. My choice is to take care of the Earth and to do as much as I can to help it.
One of the easiest things to do is recycle. I can’t understand people who don’t recycle at all. It is so simple to take the time to see if the object is recyclable and put it in the recycling bin. It takes to seconds to recycle. I am shocked to see the mounds of garbage in the landfills. People put plastic in the garbage. Plastic doesn’t break down, so if there is any plastic in the landfills, it will just sit there in the ground, and never go away.
Littering is also a big problem with an easy solution. There is garbage on the ground everywhere you look. It may not seem like a big deal if one wrapper falls on the ground, but it is. Why not pick it up? That wrapper will add to the garbage that is already there. That pile of garbage will harm the environment. It could harm animals as well. The animals could get sick or choke from ingesting the trash. For example, if someone leaves a plastic bag outside, the bag will blow around until it lands somewhere. The wind will pick up again, and the bag will blow to a different place. Eventually, after being blown around repeatedly, the bag could end up in a place where it could cause harm, such as the ocean. There have been times where turtles have thought that plastic bags are jellyfish floating in the ocean, and they eat the bag because jellyfish are part of their diet. The turtle could either get its head stuck in the bag, or they could try to eat the bag and choke on the plastic.
By being careless, we endanger the whole environment. People may not think of the consequences that will come out of throwing garbage on the ground, or not recycling, or not caring about the environment, but I do. I really want to make this world a better place before it is too late. If people don’t take care of the earth properly, there will be tons of consequences that come out of that. If we don’t want to lose our home, we are going to have to step up and undertake the challenge of fixing all of the problems we have started.
Everyone can do something to help the earth. It can be as little as recycling or buying organic items. We don’t have to litter, and if we see garbage on the ground, we can pick it up and throw it away. We can carpool, ride bikes, or walk instead of always driving in our own car every time we want to go somewhere. At school, people could start an environmental club, and in that club they would teach others how to help the earth. Those are just some of the small things that everybody could do to help save our planet. If people think about how easy it is to do those things, they could take action and be part of the solution.
We really have to start to fix the problems we have made. Everybody has to think of the harmful things that will happen to the earth if we choose not to help. We have done so much damage to our planet already, and we can’t let it go any further. Everyone must come together as one to make the world a better, cleaner, and more beautiful place for generations to come. Our home and all its inhabitants are counting on us.

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on Jun. 3 2010 at 5:56 pm
ballerinagirl, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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Well, I will try to do all of the things I have listed such as recycle, pick up trash ect. I can't make everyone follow me, but if I help the earth, that is one step closer to cleaning the earth. Just think, if every person helped the earth that would make the world a better place.

on Jun. 2 2010 at 11:12 pm
WriterFanatic PLATINUM, DesMoines, Iowa
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