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Beautiful World Covered in Carbon Dioxide

May 5, 2010
By Ashley Velazquez BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Ashley Velazquez BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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We live in a beautiful world,yeah we do yeah we do live in a beautiful world. Unfortunately we trash it and kill it even more each day. It's amazing in itself that the earth exists. There was only a teeny tiny chance that the earth could form. And yet here we are. Everyone has committed a crime against the earth. Throwing trash out of the window, not recycling, and using up gallons of water taking hour long showers are only a couple examples.

Nobody stops and thinks about how seemingly normal everyday actions are using up energy. Energy doesn't just come out of thin air. It comes from factories which produce carbon dioxide. It is therefore slowly extinguishing our home. Few people stop and think about what this does to the earth,and even fewer people try to do something about it.

Recently,a mass of plastic bottles and trash was found 1,000 miles north of Hawaii. It was big enough to double the size of Texas.
People need to understand that trash doesn't just disintegrate when you throw it away. Many sea creatures most likely innocently swallowed or got tangled in the trash. Many have died and have gotten hurt. It's dangerous for both the animals and the environment. It's destroying our oceans, beautiful coral reefs and oceanic life.

Plastic,over time is slowly reduced to pieces, and thousands of fish eat these tiny pieces of plastic. For a plastic bottle to biodegrade,it takes 450-1,000 years,depending on the type of plastic it's made out of. Researchers have also found traces of toxins found in plastic in the tissues of the fish who eat these small pieces of plastic. Scientists believe that there are many more gyres,or garbage patches to be discovered.

Trash found in the middle of the ocean is only the start of our problems if we don't do something about it. There are oil spills and the greenhouse effect,and acid rain,among many;but the biggest threat to the environment is us. Even though I have personally thrown trash out of the window,take long showers,and forget to turn off the lights,I have learned that the world is more important than the level of comfort we want to achive by doing all these things.

We need to become "green" and join the people trying to accomplish this goal. Already,many changes are being made. Solar panels, shows that appeal to kids are talking about "helping the earth," and recycling is being promoted more. Although things are being done now,we need to do even more for a better future.Go green!

The author's comments:
I hope people will understand the importance of not polluting the earth.

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