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Life's Canvas is Dying

March 30, 2010
By antiquity SILVER, White Oak, Texas
antiquity SILVER, White Oak, Texas
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Picture a painting, faded and worn, sitting in the artist's workshop, waiting patiently to be completed as problems plight it. Spider webs form, moths eat the canvas, and grubby fingers passing by wipe away the finished paint. It is slowly dying because of its incompleteness. This example is a painting, but, we should also remember, this is our world.
When the world came to be, animals were painted onto the plain of living and left uncovered, vulnerable. Man was meant to put the final coat of paint, the protection the creatures so desperately needed, onto the world. However, since the world has come into existence, it has not, in this aspect, come any closer to completeness; if nothing else, it has deteriorated. Species have completely dissipated, leaving nothing of them behind. They were wiped away from life's canvas into extinction, a category from which they will never return. Man is allowing the world to lose some of its best features, making the painting more and more dull.
Values creature the backdrop of the world, the texture, and the very essence of completeness. Even these are dying away, slowly slipping from man's delicate hold. Competitiveness, even that for survival, is fading away. Suicide rates have flown skyward because of people who don't have the will or want to compete in life. They don't want to pull through the troubles and they feel as though the paint in their life has run out. They give up, lay down, and die.
Schooling systems are even contributing to the lack of competitiveness that leads to, oh so many, problems. Field days, try outs, and even scores have lost the ability to compete. Everybody wins, even when they don't deserve it. At a talent show, everyone receives a medal. At the tryout, everyone makes the team. At a field day, the last to cross the finish line gets the same praise as the first. Future generations will have no will to compete because they won't know how. The world will eventually be filled with slackers, nobodies, and beggars, who just want everything to be handed to them in life. The human race is on a backwards slope and the world is suffering for it.
Another important value that the world needs that it is losing is kindness, or caring. When is the last time every able person donated to the Red Cross? How many people are there of the billions on Earth, who volunteer? When a man or woman is homeless and on the streets, how many people would actually stop to help them? Trust me, there aren't many truly willing to do these things. Most people just walk on by the Santa's ringing their bells at Christmas, and most people just ignore the cries for help from the homeless. There are even those who refuse a request from a peer or fellow employee for help to pick up some books because they believe it isn't their problem. People just don't care anymore. They live in their bubble of vain, self-included principles and are scared to ever come out. Not having kindness in the world is like putting a noose around our necks. We are killing the world and, in turn, killing ourselves. The world isn't just incomplete, it's deteriorating at a steady pace. There isn't just paint coming off, there is dirt being thrown on the canvas.
Look at the movie, “Last House on the Left.” It is based on a true story. This is the most dangerous thing to the world, the corrupt ways. It isn’t the pollution or the species destruction but the corrupt ways. It is destroying the values built by older generations. The reason I spoke of this particular movie is because, in this movie, a girl is raped, a man is attacked, a girl is killed, and four smaller characters are murdered horribly. This is a true story, remember? As two girls destroy their bodies with pot, they are kidnapped, raped, and killed. They were seventeen. Somewhere in the world, two girls were killed and tortured for no reason whatsoever, except that two men wanted to have a little fun and needed to cover their tracks. They extinguished new life. They had no compassion. They had no kindness. They had no values. They killed with no thoughts for anyone but themselves. Anytime something like this happens, a corner of the canvas is torn. When things like that happen, one can almost feel God’s tear hit their cheek.
The world isn’t just incomplete anymore, it is going backwards and getting worse than that. Animals are staying unprotected, the atmosphere is dying, and the values of man are withering away like a dying rose. The canvas of life couldn’t possibly be as beautiful as it’s meant to be in completeness when man continually tears the canvas and throws dirt in the paint with all the deception, corruption, and murder.

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