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Bottle Returns

March 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Bottle Deposits In Florida

A lot of people think that it's convenient that the state of Florida doesn’t have a bottle deposit tax. Which is if you want to buy a can or bottle of soda in Michigan, you are charged with a tax. Why is this? it's to keep people from littering because stores give you money back that you paid for the tax. So if you threw your can on the side of the road than you will lose the amount of money thee tax is.

The state of Florida currently doesn’t have a bottle deposit tax, which makes it no big deal to litter, right? Wrong it kills animals that might try to eat or do anything with the litter. The litter is starting to crowd the animal's homes so that tempts them to eat it. To protect these animals Florida should have a bottle return tax to help and reduce the amount of litter in Florida. Florida also has many animals that only live in Florida that are endangered or threatened because of humans not caring.

If Florida doesn't enforce a bottle return tax soon then many species of animals can die out. That would cause different animals to become extinct. I would strongly suggest that the Florida government put a tax into effect, think of all the animals that rely on it.

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