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The Puppetmaster

January 3, 2010
By emototxxx SILVER, Leawood, Kansas
emototxxx SILVER, Leawood, Kansas
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Nature is something that is described as peaceful and even “Mother Nature”. Nature is something calm and beautiful that can be perceived in paintings, poems or any other form of the arts. Or at least that’s what everyone wants you think. In the world, there are two sides to things, the dark and the bright side, and yes even “Mother Nature” has both sides too. You can’t always take things as they always seem. However, not everyone falls prey to this façade and people, including myself, like to take nature both ways.
Imagine nature as a puppeteer, a master of the strings; one who is always in control and forces the puppets to adapt to their commands. And who would be the puppets? Humans of course! Nature has changed dramatically over the years, from the Ice Age to the present; the changes of these stages are not something that humans can easily move with either. Even a slight change of a river flow could’ve disturbed or wiped out an unknown civilization that solely depended on the flow of that very river. Obviously Mother Nature gets bored every once in awhile too and wants to spice things up. Even the beasts of nature aren’t what you always believe them out to be. “Be careful!” is a typical phrase used for families, primarily, when out camping in nature’s dominion. Mountain lions, wolves, black bears even snakes began to battle your existence invading in on their natural “territory”. And the death of many human lives does pile showing who would be the obvious victor in those battles. Nature can play unfair sometimes, unleashing vicious animals we would fall to or sending out harsh weather conditions our natural bodies can’t handle. But how are we to oppose? Mother Nature is controlling the strings here.
However, Mother Nature is not completely a dark figure. On the bright side, Mother Nature is stunning. The beautiful untouched landscapes of true nature would touch the heart of people and teach them to appreciate, and preserve, all that beauty. The calmness and serenity leaking from even a photo of nature would make onlookers glow inside. Nature is also a form of cleansing, to be surrounded by nothing artificial, fake or industrial-made gives you a sense of relaxation, an escape to cleanse your whole soul from the inside out. Personally, people should get out into nature a lot more. Meditating outside, listening to the natural soundtrack around you, would allow you to reach that enlightenment down the road of life; truly a beautiful thing.
In conclusion, I don’t think I will ever have the exact right words to describe how much I despise, yet am madly in love with nature. I guess you could describe it as a love-hate kind of relationship? I look for answers in nature sometimes, but also look at it as my enemy; I look at nature as my salvation to save me but also push it far as possible from me. I don’t think there should necessary be a “Like” or a “Dislike” button on intangible things such as nature because, to me, the debate is still going on.

The author's comments:
I always have a two-sided view on many different subjects. Unfortunately, these aspects always battle themselves in my mind, so instead of choosing one or the other I find that both sides should be expressed for the full comprehension.

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