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December 16, 2009
By BrandonWayne BRONZE, Sedan, Kansas
BrandonWayne BRONZE, Sedan, Kansas
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“April showers brings May Flowers.” When I hear spring I think of the grass and trees turning green. The birds chirping, and the drizzly mornings.

I think of everything coming alive after the long winter. Seeing the calves in the pasture dancing, not worrying about the cold snow.

The little garden gnomes prancing around naked, with their pointed hats bouncing around, and the rosy color of their dimpled cheeks.

The smell of new. The smell of spring. The weather for a light jacket. Those drizzly mornings where you just snuggle with the blanket and awaken to the blue sky.

The sound of squealing kids elated to be outside once again.

The May Day baskets set upon the lonesome step, awaiting to be found, sorta like a late Christmas present that was just discovered. All the goodies in the basket, bright and cherry colors.

The warm hug from the sun to help with the chilly bite from the wind.

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