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Being Real isn't being Gangsta

December 3, 2019
By Anonymous

Growing up in the hood i've seen friends at the age of 15-16 begin  roaming the streets because everyone as in adults that are male was always in the field by in the field im mean shooting people claiming hoods killing other blacks over were we from. And the reason why children from the hood that had actually been in the gutta or the trenches also known as the hood grow to be in the streets is because the fact were we from there are no heroes so we have no choice but to look up to the villains. 

For example When I was younger my own pops had my life mapped on his hand i was supposed to be a leader of a gang in East Oakland like when i said there are no heroes there are little to none like I meant that cause my own pops wanted me to be in the streets at a young age and that proves itself that there are no heroes because if there were my close friend wouldn't have past  by being set up or we wouldn't have to see on the news how kids dying by gun shots in more .

The only way we can change that starts with the older kids the reason why I say that is because the children are going to look up to their older siblings like that's logic. We as black men and young women altogether gotta change. Change are ways or at least have 2 different personas for are younger siblings so we can have it installed in our siblings head that the way how the old heads had held its standers gotta change we gotta show them to try all in there power that holding that pole isn't the way to go and that achieving their dreams and making it out of the hood not just for them but their kids too and their future generation of kids so they don't have to deal with being traumatized by losing a close sibling or family or friends to the streets.

The reason why I say it starts with the older kids is because kids like me for an example had always looked up to my big brother. I will even try copying his clothes he gets and even sneak and wear his clothes and trust me and it's even scientifically proven that young children look up to their older siblings because i know for a fact i did but the thing about my big brother was that he lead as an example and made sure I stayed out of trouble and will always let me know when im in the wrong as well that is why i say that it starts with the older kids.

 That is that right there is being real to me that's being real just being able to make distinctions and take stuff in your own hands when no one can and being able to step out of your box to make change when no one will. I want you to understand that there are different types of being real  because i believe that being real for adults are being able to provide for their family and lead as an example. Making sure your family and making sure your friends and the people you care about are staying safe and away from the field is what being real is. My mom always told me “Life will change growth is optional SO choose wisely”.  

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