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Judging Celeberties

September 23, 2009
By Danielle.K SILVER, DeWitt, Michigan
Danielle.K SILVER, DeWitt, Michigan
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In today's generation, reality shows have become the hot topics. There are much more of them than ever before. There seems to be a show for every age. Unfortunately because of this more and more people's lives have been magnified and judged too harshly.

With our little magic box we're able to spy into people's lives. One of the lives we spy on is a family of ten. A reality show called John and Kate plus 8. Now when this show was first starting off there wasn't much drama compared to other reality shows. It was a nice fun loving family that viewers enjoyed. No one seemed to have any major complaints about their parenting skills or how they were "exploiting" the kids. Now fast forward to the last season where Jon and Kate are ready to get a divorce and all the major drama erupts. Media of all kinds are suffocating the family. Now viewers are suddenly angry at how "awful" Kate's parenting skill is and how she's a control freak. I've heard people saying they hated the pair because they were exploiting their kids.

I feel as if the media is influencing most of these opinions. No one complained about any of this until the media said it. When the media bagged on Kate most viewers seemed to turn against her. A magazine I had passed by at Meijers had said that Kate was a horrible monster just because she had fired 300 of her employers. I'm not saying that this isn't horrible but I also believe that she's not a monster for doing this. We're in a recession right which means in order for her business to survive she has to cut some people just like everyone else has been doing. There are many people who were let go and it's not because their bosses were cruel tyrants it's because they can't afford to pay those people.

People today are just way too critical of others. We always say that'd it be nice if people could just accept how we are without judging us. But than we turn around and freely bagg on others with little regret. Celebrities aren't perfect and infact are lot more like us than we realize. If our lives were magnified many families would probably critize our own lives.

Many viewers seem like their trying to find something bad about the celebrities as the media has done. Take Miley Cyrus for example, parents try to critize her all the time. Even teenagers do it to which surprises me greatly since she's probably a better role model than them.

Miley's a good girl with a squeaky clean image. If people compared her with other teenage celebrities she's certainly more child friendly than most of them. Don't say that because she's a Disney star she's suppose to be perfect all the time for the little kids. Kids these days are exposed to a lot worse stuff. Whether you realize it or not kids do know about Lindsey Lohan, the Olsen twins, Meghan Fox, and many others who aren't great role models to kids. Unless being anorexic, exposing too much skin, or getting high and receiving DUI's are socially acceptable to parents. Even these teenagers are judged very harshly. I know what they're doing is stupid and immature but that's what teenagers do. They do stupid and immature things. Hopefully they can learn from these mistakes before entering adulthood and I'm sure they will.

Now if you compare all these things to Miley Cyrus I'm hoping people will realize how great she's actually been. Especially since there's only two things that have labeled Mily as a horrible role model. The first one being the photo she was seen in where she only had a blanket wrapped around her with her back fully exposed. In my opinion showing your back is not inappropriately provocative. The photo isn't sexual at all. It wasn't as if she was sprawled on the bed with the blanket barely covering her while she tried to act seductive. It was a simple but beautiful shot. Not inappropriate in the least. The second reason Miley is viewed as a bad role model is because of the dance she performed at the Nickelodeon’s kids choice awards. In one part of her dance she gets onto an Ice Cream stand and dances with the pole. Just because she dances with a pole does not mean that it's inappropriately sexy. We often think that because we associate pole dancing with exotic dancers but in fact Miley was just dancing. There wasn't any sliding down the pole or seductive behavior. Actually it seemed like she was holding onto the pole just so she wouldn't fall off when the cart was being moved.

All in all viewers are just being too judgmental about other people's lives. Not realizing that most of what their seeing is only the ugly side. I'm sure like all humans Celebs are caring and just as hospitable like the rest of us. Which means they also make the mistakes we do it's just that only their mistakes are aired on TV all the time instead of their good side. We're all human there's only so much each of us can do.

The author's comments:
This purely my opinion. Please do not yell and cuss at this because you disagree. I'll gladly accept criticism but please be professional about it.

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on May. 14 2011 at 11:57 am
WhiteClouds BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday

You fogot to mention mileys smoking habits. but even then it wouldnt have mattered, teens these days proboly smoke more then she does! Really great article!

on Mar. 22 2010 at 5:44 pm
LiquidSky PLATINUM, Libby, Montana
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-Carl Sandberg

I totally agree! I cannot STAND it when people are always like "I wish 'so and so celebrity' would jump off a cliff" Everyone person in this world deserves to be treated fairly and kindly.

Jamayca said...
on Oct. 23 2009 at 12:17 pm
Jamayca, Kamloops, Other
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"We read to know we are not alone" -C.S. Lewis

Exceptional article! I agree with every sentence you said. Do people honestly not realize that celebrities (especially teens) are simply human beings like us? They're not flawless, and they shouldn't be judged as if they were. Most of the time the things they are criticized for aren't even bad.

TigerLynn GOLD said...
on Oct. 6 2009 at 8:33 pm
TigerLynn GOLD, Maysville, Kentucky
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Like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies;
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Meet in her aspect and her eyes."

I agree with your views. I think we judge celebrities and forget that they are people like us, not superhuman flawless immortals. FOr goodness sake people, show some love!