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May 26, 2022
By AndrewSNam BRONZE, Seoul, Other
AndrewSNam BRONZE, Seoul, Other
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Why was the bicycle leaning against the wall?

Because it was TWO TIRED!!


I love dad jokes. Neurons rapidly firing in all directions trying to connect the dots, dad jokes are like word puzzles that draw curiosity yet unexpectedly or expectedly tickle my nerves bringing out the baby side of giggling profusely, probably a sight to see on its own. Some jokes take a while, but the buffer inevitability creates a Flash-like (from Zootopia) reaction, making the moment even more priceless. At times the punchlines are just too potent that carelessness could rupture a burst of laughter in the middle of the delivery. Of course, I cannot contain myself once it erupts, which eventually evolves into a mixture of cackling and snorting while gasping for air. Luckily, my waves of laughter are exceptionally infectious. Without fully delivering the joke, swarms of laughter follow from how I laugh at my own jokes that I completely butchered in delivery. I can’t exclaim that I am a comical wizard as many of my jokes land nowhere or barely muster a pity laugh. Yet a situation where no one laughed at my joke is quite hilarious. Instead of crickets, I hear loud Korean cicadas. I can’t help but laugh at myself.


My relationship with humor extends beyond funny. You Laugh, You Lose Dad Jokes series popped up on my youtube feed amid the tragic loss of my grandfather to COVID. I watched them religiously as each clip was five minutes of warmth and comfort. The loss was deeply personal and devastating as he was more of a parental figure during my childhood. Despite being engulfed in range, bitterness, shock, remorse, grief, and confusion, the tiniest chuckles shed a ray of light into the abyss, reminding me that I can be grateful and comforted in the smallest moments. As an antidote to misery and stress, humor lightens up the context by finding new perspectives and a strength to move on in all difficulties.


The vulnerability of laughter shared among others, in which the comicality in the way that we laugh is quite the irony in itself, seems to have the magic of laying our guards down and profoundly connecting as humans. The most precious memories frequently involve letting go of ourselves in laughter, amplifying the moment in blissful ecstasy. Being the funny guy shooting puns and jokes brighten up the mood, yet by no means my intention is being the clown of the room. I began to grasp the power of humor when used appropriately. Such power has opened a gateway to connect with and serve the best I can.


Beneath the mask of an entertainer, seeing orphans smile, laugh, and giggle profoundly touches me as I experience a degree of restoration of what belonged to them as children. As a ski instructor, humor has allowed me to move past teaching skiing to mentoring and building relationships with many foster children. Many foster children and teens' aloof, reserved nature only motivates me to melt their hearts with jokes, for I know one chuckle is all I need to crack a smile and provide an emotionally safe environment. I’ve experienced over and over again once the laughter comes out and the walls come down. Perhaps, we all aspire for that connection, and laughter gives that needed initial spark.


The burst of laughter truly enriches life. Silly small jokes have instilled a belief there is no true stranger and developed me into an outgoing person.

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