My Opinion on High School

February 12, 2018
By cjd114 BRONZE, Davis, California
cjd114 BRONZE, Davis, California
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This is my opinion on how high school is for kids who don't do drugs:

The world we live in as teenagers all revolves around drugs and the “bad things” people are told not to do. You may disagree with me, and your entitled to your opinion. I am a sophomore and I have gone to my local high school for 6 months now. What I have noticed and witnessed as a person that refuses to do drugs, drink, and party is that you aren't considered “cool” unless you do such things. I truly believe that if I did drugs, partied, or drank I would have more friends. But because I refuse to turn to the traditional high school boy life, I am socially punished. I have lost many friends, and all my old friends just want to smoke, drink, and talk about who got “laid” last night. Recently my school has become a recent victim of the E-cig trend, and we are suffering from it. Instead of kids doing their work they instead go to the bathrooms 24/7 to vape. They all say they aren’t addicted, and those that openly admit to being addicted, are looked upon as “pussies” or “weak”. Instead of asking for help and such the kids at my school continue to abuse nicotine and suffer from it. I come from a very Christian family, which is why I have decided to abstain until marriage, and stay away from parties. My brother was once the biggest drug dealer at my school. I’ve seen my brother go down some bad paths, that include many terrible things that are too hard to share, thus why I stay away from drugs and alcohol. I dislike hanging out with other people now, because whenever I go to “hang” it ends up just turning into a talk fest about who got laid and all the details about it. I don’t want to hear about how “tight” she is or how “thick” she is. One thing me and Holden Caulfield from "Catcher in the Rye" may agree on, is that sex leads to many bad things, especially if its done at a very young age, where there's no personal connections at all, and is just a “hit and run”.

The author's comments:

I've been feeling down recently and wanted to know if anyone else feels this way. This is a short piece that gives my opinion on High School

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