Should Marijuana Be Legal?

December 13, 2017

Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in the world today. What first comes to everyone’s mind when talking in terms of Marijuana is its chaos and its negative effects it has on today’s world we are living. Marijuana is a drug that is currently affecting the smooth functioning of the world’s peace that everybody yields for. There is an ever-growing gap that exists between the latest science about marijuana and the myths/mysteries surrounding it and which I think shouldn’t be legal by any means. It has caused a lot in the current chaotic issues that we have at hand in the world today. It shouldn’t be legal at any time or by any means!

To start with, there are many harmful chemicals in marijuana that no normal or peaceful person wants to consume. Marijuana is a drug like alcohol, cocaine, etc. And like these other drugs, it has side effects that can be harmful. Some of these effects are long lasting which is a huge problem in today’s world such as decline in the Intelligence quotient(IQ), poor school performance by children and higher chance of dropping out, lower life satisfaction due to intoxication, financial difficulties due to poverty, greater chances of being unemployed or not getting good jobs that can make someone’s life at ease, etc. Marijuana should not be accepted as a legal drug at anyway or by any means.

Marijuana has caused an increase rate of dropouts from schools, colleges or other institutions which has a long-lasting impact most of we children since we are the future leaders of tomorrow. Marijuana has negative effects not only on children but adolescents and adults as well. Marijuana has led children and adults in the wrong path of life since it causes them to harm others through stealing or bankrupting, vandalism, fighting, breaking the law, killing, suicide, etc. Things that can have a negative impact on themselves such as committing suicide or even intoxication which has a negative effect on the body and brain are also very critical. People are no longer normal even though they say they are-because the cells in the brain, body and heart that are being destroyed by the smoke and toxic substances causing serious diseases like asthma, manganese deficiency, etc. Since this drug causes intoxication, it can also cause someone to take a drug that is more harmful causing chaos and entropy in the lives of people! Marijuana shouldn’t be legal by anyway or by any means!

In the case of reduction of money or stealing, Marijuana can cause people to steal in the time when there is no money left to buy it. This is because Marijuana causes addiction which can even cause a decline in the economy with high population of Marijuana Addicts! This decline in the economy can cause an increase in the rate of poverty, low education due to lack of income, etc.  Marijuana has also been one of the major factors in the declining of most developing countries despite all concerns that it brings money for nations; but it is uneven!! It only brings income for the country or nation that has it, thereby causing a decline in the economy of countries or territories that buy it! It also declines the health status of nations despite its medical uses; its use or abuse has also been causing diseases! This means that, the money that is being gotten from it, is also being used to do the same job by curing diseases caused by Marijuana! Marijuana strongholds that sell marijuana to other nations have reported high rate of arm robbery, killing or other chaotic issues that affect the smooth functioning of these nations thereby putting the lives of citizens at risk. It shouldn’t be legal at any time and by any means!
In general, Marijuana has a negative impact on the people’s freedom and peace. Marijuana addicts hinders the peace and stability of people, thereby causing corruption in the nation or the world in general. Most of the time, terrorist use it as a form of motivation for their evil deeds towards people in the world. Also, Marijuana has been used in many cases as an abnormal drug that when put in food, can cause the victim to be temporally abnormal for some amount of time and that they can carry on their missions causing the victim to be frustrated or other results leading to death or entropy! It shouldn’t be legal at any time and by any means!

People are losing their children and family members every now and then due to addiction caused by Marijuana. An unexpectedly high number of children and people are being lost everyday due to sickness, addiction causing death especially addicts. Most crime rate in the world today has being reported due the abuse of Marijuana! People die each day due to drug abuse in relation to Marijuana! People break the law every now and then due to Marijuana causing the nation’s crime rate to increase thereby increasing abnormalities in the home, school, public and even governance indirectly! Each and everybody should stand and say no to marijuana since it is affecting our peace and freedom that we today; no matter what it may produce such as uneven income! I would say, if we stand for Marijuana not being legal, then we stand for peace that we wish to have! It shouldn’t be legal by anyway or by any means!!

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