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November 11, 2015
By Dodger1234 BRONZE, Plaquemine, LA, Louisiana
Dodger1234 BRONZE, Plaquemine, LA, Louisiana
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Steroids, a performance-enhancing drug, have become a problem within recent sports news. Just by using this supplement, athletes are becoming stronger than their opponents. This gives them an unfair advantage to the sport they are competing in. An athlete doing this is like putting a full-grown Pit-bull against a baby Chihuahua.

The recent outbreak of steroids has not only affected professional athletes, it has also affected athletes at collegiate and high school level. If athletes are caught using this, there are different consequences at different levels. If it happens at the high school level, then they give you a warning, and then drug test on a later date. In college, a player can be suspended for 1-2 months. However, if a player is caught using steroids at the professional level, they could be out for the rest of the season.

  This drug is supposed to be used for medical use only, and should not be taken without talking to a doctor first. Sports are not just banning the use of steroids because they give athletes an unfair advantage; they ban them because they have major health side effects. A few are bleeding into joints, muscle weakness, and also rupture of a tendon.

  There has been recent debates referring to the use of steroids in sports, and whether they should be legal or not. Steroids are taken to make a player run faster, jump higher, and be ten times stronger than they originally are. This gives players who are not on the drug false representation about their skills compared to those who use the drug. The drug, as of now, is illegal for professional, collegiate, and high school athletes of all sports.

  Some of the most popular cases of steroid use in sports history was when Alex Rodriguez, a professional baseball player, took these supplements and was suspended for one and a half seasons. Taking steroids is a huge advantage to those who take the supplement, and a huge disadvantage to those who don’t use the supplement.

  Steroids are a harmful drug to those taking it and those who don’t. It is a shame that people can’t play sports that were made for players to compete fairly. They have to cheat and drug their way through a sport instead of play the sport fairly like it was supposed to be played.

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