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Have you ever noticed that when you're least expecting or least prepared for something, it that happens? Or that when you're at your lowest point in life, and you think that nothing could possibly make it worse, something does? Sometimes, if you stop and think about things, you start to see things you've never noticed before. But, most of us are afraid to stop and think because we're afraid of what we might find. I think that maybe there would be less bad people in the world if they stopped and thought. What I mean by that is if murders thought about who's wife, kid, or husband they were killing, it would totally change them. But with today's generation, no one cares about what they're doing. To them, it's like they never do anything wrong. Everyone says,"You only live once." You may only live once but don't you want to have the best life possible? I want to grow old and be able to say that I waited and saved myself for marriage, and that I went to college. Not that I've slept with every guy I've ever met, and ditched school everyday. Somehow that's cool now. How is ruining your future and making a fool of yourself, look cool? For instance, look at drugs. Most of us know the dangers and the effects of them but don't care enough not to do them. How could you put something in your body knowing it could kill you in a matter of seconds? Do you pray for a miracle, or just simply say, "You only live once."?

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