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Drugs Arnt worth the pain

March 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Drugs, I see amazing people ruin there lives all beacuse they wanted to look cool and "fit in". Well there are other people in the world to fit in with.That problay wont ruin your live.
I watched my neighbor go through something like this. I was always really close with him even thought he was three years older....then he stared to smoke,go to partys and come home late if at all, get drunk,have people drive him too downtown grandrapids so he could by drugs, then he started to get mean and mad really easy. So on the last day of his Fresmen year his parents picked him up and drove him to a place that helps kids that have drug addictions. he was there for three years he had to go to school every day all three years and wake up at five in the morring. he got to see his parents once a mouth and he only got to see him little brother four times.
All this happened because he wanted to "fit in" and "be cool" I dont think that fiting in with kids that do that do drugs is worth three years with no friends and not much family. do you?

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