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Marijuana, both sides.

February 22, 2010
By Junkpenguin234 BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
Junkpenguin234 BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
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I;m sure you read the word "marijuana: and though "oh god another stone using illegitimate arguements trying to prove pot as a wonder drug" but no, when I bring up an arguement I try my hardest to take it from both arguements and compate and contrast which has the better reasoning but of course there's going to be bias its impossible not to. After awhile of arguing with myslef i have come to a conclusion that marijuana should be legalized, to an extent. I think there should be an age limit from 18 to 21 preferably 21, even though many would argue cigarettes to be worse than marijuana. in my opinion even though many would argue icgarettes to bve worse than marijuana. In my opinion cigarette smoking age should also be 21 but thats for another arguement. WHat makes Marijuana tick is a chemical called THC or tetrahydrocannibinol. Which depresses the brain giving the person a euphoric effect or "high". there hasd been no reported overdoses from THC and marijuana has been used as a painkiller for many cancer patients, a large amount being pancreas cancer patients, it would also greatly increase our economy if we were to tac marijuana seeing it is our number 2 cash crop along with decreasing crime rate. seems like a wonder drug right? Wrong. Prolonged ise has shown a large decrease in short term memory. It affects your reproductive system especially in men it has the same chance of causing lung cancer as cigarettes due to paper used to roll a "blunt" contains near identical chemicals as cigarette paper. WHy manufacturers put so many chemicals into the paper is so that the paper burns at the same rate the tomacco/marijuana burns. I believe the pros have a greater effect than the cons and marijuana should be legalized

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pokurmom said...
on Nov. 17 2016 at 1:06 pm
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seriously a spell check will be nice

RioU.B. said...
on Apr. 12 2011 at 7:33 pm
RioU.B., Denver, Colorado
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i think u should have gone into more detail. u were great to start off, but kinda just left us hanging.

Howahkan said...
on Jan. 27 2011 at 12:13 pm
Howahkan, Litchfield, Michigan
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i dont believe marijuanna should be legalized< all people will then think about is something none of them, or at least most of them dont need. marijuanna should be leaglized for medical purposes only, other than that people just abuse it.they think they need it to live a happy life,they belive that they"ll go insane if they dont have it,personaly i think its all in their head.

on Feb. 26 2010 at 9:32 pm
Jordan901278 BRONZE, Long Pond, Pennsylvania
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pretty informative, nice job. spell check would be nice though.