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Death Wish

February 15, 2010
By liv_luv_4eva SILVER, Morganville, New Jersey
liv_luv_4eva SILVER, Morganville, New Jersey
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Smokers-we see them everywhere. What is on your mind when you see one? They aren’t bad people. They just made an unhealthy choice that will hurt not only their body but family, friends, pets, and whatever else may be around them. Cigarettes are dangerous for everyone. Smoking causes emphysema, lung cancer, heart attacks. You might need to have a hole in your throat to breathe through! Now let’s see how it affects your life.

There is a very powerful ingredient in the cigarette. Cigarettes have nicotine in them to hook you into smoking even more. This ingredient makes it harder to quit once you started. Do you know what you will be addicted to? One chemical is cyanide-the main ingredient in rat poison. Another one is ammonia-a household cleaning product’s main ingredient. Believe it; cigarettes have carbon monoxide and hydrazine in them. Carbon-monoxide is a pollutant that comes out of active cars. Hydrazine is in the stuff used to power jets. These are only a few of the endless amounts of harmful ingredients inside of that cigarette. Yuck! Wouldn't you agree? Imagine inhaling those for fun! No wonder smoking causes all those diseases!

Smoking doesn’t only damage your physical health but your social health, too. Not only does smoking cause damage to inner body, it shows unpleasantly on the outside too! Yellowing of finger and toenails, wrinkles, decreased circulation in the fingers and toes are only a few showing features that's haunting you from smoking. Your friends would not follow your bad example if they see your wrinkles and yellow toenails. Who wants yellow finger nails and toe nails? As a girl, I ask, will you ever where flip-flops to the beach again? It's very ugly.

Do you try to stop air pollution and littering? Well, this will make you mad. Cigarette butts are among the top littered on beaches. Next, the air is filled with the same kind of pollutants (poison) found in the dump. After breathing in that air, you will feel light headed and your throat will feel like you swallowed a gallon of acids. Think about it going in your lungs! Do not smoke because it pollutes the air everyone shares.

Smoking is unhealthy to all people regardless of race, age, and gender. Remember the disgusting chemicals that were mentioned? Imagine inhaling them. That’s what smoking is. And don’t forget nicotine, the addictive chemical that can be as active as cocaine. After inhaling those chemicals, what happens? You will get emphysema and many cancers. There are a million other diseases that are caused by smoking. About 400,000 people die from smoking each year. Also, I don’t think you will think that having yellow finger and toenails is cool. Will you ever wear open toe shoes again? Don’t smoke!

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