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Here is the most recent articles about discrimination:

Islamic Terrorism: Is It Only Their Fault?
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Is a well-known fact that Islam Terrorism has caused lots of violent and bloody monstrosities so; it is my duty to express my disagreement to all that community. However, as I see it, the jihadists’ attacks are not the only thing that... (more »)
Justice for Furries
By , Mabank, TX
There is a group silently suffering, blind to the eye of society. Begging to be accepted, begging to end the hate. A group that commits no violence, yet gets the most backlash, that gets the most hate. All they want is to be loved, all they... (more »)
As a Girl I've Been Taught
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October 23rd, 2001 11:55 am Sunday morning: A baby girl is born at Seton Hospital in Austin, Texas. When she is cleaned up and ready to try at this thing called “life”, the baby is handed to two overjoyed parents. As she looks into these... (more »)
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Have you ever been bullied? Or have you ever seen someone get bullied? Did you just watched and walked away? Or did you speak up, to stop that abuse? Because yes, bullying is an abuse. If you think that bullying is just pushing someone or... (more »)
Hidden Truth Behind Fast Food Industries
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If you’ve ever worked in a fast food industry you would understand the fast paced environment that you're in. there are many struggles that come with working in the fast food industry. You have to handle all kinds of people and deal... (more »)
Celebrate Difference
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 America started as a melting pot.  Immigrants came from all over to have a better life. In my opinion, the idea of that is what makes America so beautiful. In Italy, you will find Italians. In China, you’ll find Chinese... (more »)
You Are Not Unwanted
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At one point in everyone's lives, there has been a discrimination put against them. Whether it be because of your skin color or how smart you are, it is still a discrimination. People say things without thinking about what they do to others or... (more »)
Racism and Stereotyping Needs to Stop
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Imagine getting dirty looks everywhere you go, or not feeling safe in any country, city, or town. This is what some or even most Muslims feel. Muslims are stereotyped around the world and especially the U.S. People assume they are all... (more »)
The Misinterpretation of Terrorism
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Terrorism is a word that strikes many emotions into the hearts of people around the world.  Anyone who comes across the word can most likely recall a distinct moment in his or her life where they have felt the affects of terror. These... (more »)
POC School Injustice
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Dear Reader,     I am writing to you to inform you about the racism that is going on in schools. Students using racial slurs against others are leading to very serious problems.      Racism has affected me since I started going to... (more »)
Let's Not Be Bystanders
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DEAR PEOPLE,         You know what pops my pimples? Bullying. OOF it just gets on my nerves. I can’t believe people do that these days. The immaturity of these “predators”.... (more »)
Toxic Labeling
By , North Smithfield, RI
“I'm different.” “Everyone says they're different at your age.” “No, I'm different.” Sometimes I feel like I'm a bit too different. Autistic, lesbian, prone to depression. It seems like too many things for just one... (more »)
We Are Different, Not Less
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Bryce's POV "We should Go meet him and talk to him. No we shouldn't. But its been a week since he arrived and he's been silent, We know that,but if he want company, he would mingle with others. He seems Lonely, I think I would go meet him,... (more »)
Shiny Red Shoes
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Drama. We see it everywhere in schools and around kids our age. I try to stay out of it, like most of us do, but its essentially impossible. Whether the drama travels through gossip, relationships, toxic friends, or something as simple as... (more »)
Hate Crimes in America
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Hate burns through the veins of America. The flames spread from life to life, leaving no corner untouched. Blood rushes through the flesh, trying to prove that there is still hope for this nation. America’s heart beats ferociously,... (more »)
Dear Anti-Feminists
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Dear anti-feminists in America,   You’re selfish.   I truly can think of no other way to put it. No matter how you label yourself, whether you’re male, female, gender-neutral, black, white, Asian, Hispanic,... (more »)
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