Girls vs. Games

March 1, 2018
By HushedButterfly GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
HushedButterfly GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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Everyday. Every class. I hear boys talking about video games. Laughing and joking about the last update. Until a girl trys to join the conversation. "Girls can't play video games" I hear all the time. Once I was in math class talking about Star Wars Battlefront with my friend. At that moment a boy turned around and asked if I even knew what I was talking about. I told him I did and he was discriminating by assuming. He wouldn't have asked the boy next to me the same question. It went to the extreme him calling me rasicst and telling me to kill myself. I had to change my schedule because apparently girls can't play video games. To all those boys out there who love their video games. I am sorry for intruding on your "territory", but get over it.

The author's comments:

This is way to true and it needs to stop.

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